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More than 100 Chinese vaccine vials clump, Thailand urgently recalls

The Vision Times reported that the Thai Food and Drug Administration (TFDA) recently stopped using the Chinese-made batch of COVID-19 vaccine because it turned into a gel and clumped. Related news has attracted great attention from the outside world.

Sinovac China’s new corona virus vaccine. (Photo: gungpri / Shutterstock).

According to a report on June 29 by Thai PBS World, an online English-language news website of Public Television of Thailand, TFDA Deputy Secretary General Tang Wiwat, signed an urgent document on the suspension of only 110 vials of Sinovac vaccine from China were used when detected in the vial with a solid, transparent foreign body of unknown origin, which did not dissolve after shaking well. This batch of vaccines is still valid until November 2021.

The report indicates that to date, China has shipped 10.5 million doses of Sinovac vaccine to Thailand, and it is expected that millions of doses of Chinese vaccine will be shipped to the country this year and next year.

The Chinese vaccine remains the most widely used vaccine in Thailand. However, Thai people’s preference for Chinese vaccines has dwindled.

On Facebook “Workpoint Today” in Thailand, some netizens bitterly said that if the Thai government liked Chinese vaccines, they would invite officials and their families to set an example to vaccinate first to leave the people alone. center.

As we all know, the CCP has provided Covid-19 vaccines to more than 45 countries, mainly in Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia. The move is known to the outside world as “vaccine diplomacy”. However, its effectiveness so far is still a big question mark.

The Wall Street Journal of the US quoted the risk reduction team of the Indonesian Medical Association as saying that in June, 26 doctors in Indonesia died of pneumonia in Wuhan, and at least 10 of them. received two full doses of the Chinese vaccine.

The report also pointed out that Indonesia is relying too much on Chinese vaccines. Although the vaccine is authorized by the World Health Organization for emergency use, the wide variation in effectiveness of different clinical trials and the lack of transparency in the data makes some Public health experts worry about the vaccine’s effectiveness and longevity.

Reuters also reported that Italian Prime Minister Draghi said at the end of an EU summit on June 25 that “from the epidemic situation in Chile, the performance of the Chinese vaccine is not satisfactory”. In addition, at the beginning of May, when the epidemic in India was rapidly worsening, it was confirmed that at least 11 Taiwanese people working in India had been infected, and one of them had died. According to a person familiar with the situation, all of these people had been vaccinated against China.

According to data from the Hong Kong Health Administration, as of May 30, there were 80 deaths and 23 women here had miscarriages after receiving Chinese vaccines.

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