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More than 15,000 migrants arrested in just one week at the US border

Rio Grande Valley Border Patrol agents detained more than 15,000 migrants in just one week, a border official said on Wednesday. The Rio Grande Valley is always the most “busy” of the nine southwestern border areas.

The Rio Grande Valley Area Patrol Chief, Brian Hastings, tweeted on July 20 that his border agents detained more than 15,000 migrants in a week. Just last weekend, agents assigned to a Border Patrol station (in the City of Rio Grande) arrested three large groups of 736 illegal migrants.

According to reports, this area has always been the most “busy” along the entire US-Mexico border. Through the end of last fiscal year, border agents arrested 331,661 illegal migrants in the Rio Grande Valley, up 461% from 59,083 last year. Notably, this figure also accounts for nearly 31% of the total 1,076,242 people arrested this year. Another location of great concern to officials is the Del Rio Area, where nearly 150,000 migrants have been detained (an increase of more than 500 percent from last year).

Since the beginning of 2021, agents in the Rio Grande Valley Sector have arrested 131,380 illegal migrant families, an increase of 1,283 families compared to the same period last year. There are also other demographic groups, including 154,604 single adults (+265%) and 45,679 unaccompanied minors (up 536%). Southwest border in June announced by US Customs and Border Protection on July 16.

More than a third of the migrants arrested are listed as citizens of Honduras (128,675), followed by Guatemala (72,736), Mexico (62,682) and El Salvador (24,218).

Earlier, on July 17, Breitbart Texas reported that more than 730,000 migrants were arrested after illegally crossing the border in five Texas-based Border Patrol areas. Arrests in the Rio Grande Valley Area are up to 45% more than those in Texas.

These numbers clearly reflect the burden placed on Texans as a direct result of the Biden administration’s change in border security and immigration policies. Since February, Biden’s first month in office, through June, immigration arrests rose from 97,639 to 178,416 – an increase of nearly 83 percent in the state. More than two-thirds of those arrests took place in the Texas-based Border Patrol area.

During the roughly five months Biden took office, from February 1 to June 30, Border Patrol agents arrested 791,571 migrants who crossed the border illegally from Mexico.

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