Most impressive series of wild life photos 2020

Every year, photographers around the world submit tens of thousands of wildlife photos to participate in the Wildlife Photographer of the Year contest hosted by the Natural History Museum in London, UK. .

The picture of a tiger holding a tree won the first prize in this year’s competition

Wildlife Photographer of the Year is the world’s largest wildlife photography competition. This is an annual international wildlife photography competition hosted by the Natural History Museum in London, UK.

This year’s contest received tens of thousands of photos from many different countries and the winners were announced.

Accordingly, the photo of a tigress Amur holding a tree by Russian photographer Sergey Gorshkov won the first prize. This stunning image was taken at Leopark National Park, located deep in the Russian Far East forest, the only place in the world where the Amur tiger, or Siberian tiger, inhabits.

Experienced wildlife photographer Sergey Gorshkov must use hidden camera traps in the forest and automatically trigger the shot when an animal passes by. It took Sergey Gorshkov about 10 months to capture a beautiful, naturally sharp image of a tiger.

Roz Kidman Cox, jury chairman, said: “Light, color, texture … they are almost like a tiger is part of the forest, its tail blends into the roots. one”.

Let’s take a look at the best photos from this year’s competition:

On a summer vacation in Helsinki, Finland, then 13-year-old photographer Liina heard about a family of large foxes living on the outskirts of the city on the island of Lehtisaari. The foxes there are relatively unafraid of humans. So Liina spent a long day observing the fox colony consisting of two adults and six children.

Photographer Frank captured the image of a red-banded wasp and his teammates about to enter nesting holes in Normandy, France.

A male ape with closed eyes revealed light blue eyelids and meticulously groomed golden brown hair. The animal’s design looked like it was sitting in meditation. Photographer Trolle has been shooting inside the Labuk Bay Proboscis Monkey Reserve in Sabah, Borneo.

During a snorkeling vacation in northern Sulawesi, Indonesia, photographer Sam paused to see the behavior of a flock of clownfish around their nest.

In spring, the meadow near the home of photographer Andrés in Ubrique, Andalucia, Spain, is filled with flowers. The picture shows the bird perched on a branch, making it bend. The bird keeps the perfect balance on the tree.

Rare photo of a family of Pallas cats on the remote steppe of the Qinghai Plateau, Tibet in northwest China. These small cats are usually solitary, difficult to find and mostly active at dawn and dusk.

A Manduriacu glass frog eating a spider at the foot of the Andes mountain in northwestern Ecuador. After a four-hour walk in the rain, photographer Culebras was thrilled to discover that the little frog was clinging to a tree branch, its eyes like a mosaic.

After hours of soaking in water in a lagoon near Brozas, western Spain, Jiménez captured this intimate family moment of the big crest.

From a large crack on the southern slope of Mount Etna, lava just flowed out. Photographer Gaudenzio shows the scene of the lava flowing out like an open wound in the rough and wrinkled skin of the giant dinosaur.

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