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Mr. Biden is considering a plan to invite “climate migration” to the US

The administration of President Joe Biden can grant US immigration and citizenship rights to many foreign “climatic immigrants”. “Climate migrants” are those who have to relocate due to the effects of climate change, AP reported this week.

On Tuesday (April 20), the AP news agency noted: “No country offers asylum or other legal protections for people displaced especially because of climate change. The Joe Biden administration is working on this idea, and climate migration is expected to be the issue discussed at Mr Biden’s first climate summit, held online on Thursday (22 / 4) and Friday (April 23) ”.

President Biden on February 4 issued an executive order requiring national security adviser Jake Sullivan to draft a report by August 3 on “Plan for the Impacts of Climate Change on Migration. ”, Including protection and resettlement options for people displaced by the impact of climate change.

On Thursday (April 22), the International Organization for Refugees announced the establishment of an expert working group on climate change and migration in response to Mr. Biden’s executive order.

Referring to the “climate crisis”, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken earlier this week affirmed that climate change is triggering a surge of migrants from Guatemala, El Salvador, and Honduras. These Central American immigrants are overwhelming American immigration officials and resources at the US-Mexico border.

However, none of the 40 heads of state that Mr. Biden has invited to attend the online summit on climate change from three Central American countries, also known as the “Triangle The North “mentioned above.

Meanwhile, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at Earth Day event on Thursday (April 22) proposed a reforestation agreement to stop the wave of migration to the US, in exchange for the US real labor and, ultimately, citizenship empowerment for Mexicans and Central Americans.

In particular, Mr. Obrador has proposed that the US will provide temporary work visas and eventually citizenship to those participating in the large-scale tree planting program that the Mexican president wants to expand from Mexico to. Central America.

Mr. Obrador said that the Biden government “could fund” the expansion of this job creation program to the Northern Triangle region.

“Having assessed all sides, I added a commendable proposal that the US government can suggest that the people participating in this tree planting program will have a chance to get a temporary work visa. period [in America] after they have been cultivating their land for three years in a row, ”Mr. Obrador said.

The Mexican President added: “And after about 3 or 4 years after that, they can be accepted as permanent residency in the US or receive dual citizenship.”

On Thursday (April 22), Democratic Senator Edward Markey (Massachusetts) and Democratic Rep. Nydia Velázquez (New York state) reintroduced a bill to address a lack of migrant protection. residency is not consistent with the definition of a “refugee” under US law and international law.

AP in the news on Tuesday (April 20) confirmed: “The idea of ​​[receiving climate migration to the US] still faces enormous challenges, including how to clearly define someone is a climate refugee when natural disasters, drought and violence are often intertwined causes leading people in the regions to flee their homeland, for example like in Central America. If the United States identifies who is a climate migrant, that could mark a major shift in global refugee policy.

Referring to the bill that was introduced and could not be passed in 2019, Senator Markey’s office said on April 22:

“This law will establish a national strategy to address evacuation stemming from global climate change and provide the support needed to take long-term solutions to displaced people. because of climate change.

Although the effects of climate change often exacerbate social conflicts leading to persecution and repression of the population, climate displaced people do not meet the US definition of refugees, and as a result, they do not have access to resettlement opportunities in the US “.

Specifically, this law will establish a path to resettle the US for people displaced by the effects of climate change, among other reasons.

“We now have a bigger chance than ever to get this done,” Senator Markey told the AP. The huge opportunity that Mr. Markey mentioned here is the climate diplomacy and climate change awareness program of the incumbent US President Joe Biden.

President Biden from running to officially entering the White House has always put climate change as the most important focus on his agenda, both on the domestic and foreign fronts.

In his announcement of Earth Day 2021 on April 22, President Biden continued to commend his “ambitious climate agenda”. Mr. Biden said that the agenda would “create millions of high-paying jobs” and “ensure the competitiveness of the US economy,” while cutting greenhouse gas emissions in half. with 2005 levels by 2030.

The World Meteorological Organization earlier this week released a report claiming that climate change has displaced an average of 23 million people globally annually since 2010 and just the first half of 2020. 10 million people were displaced, especially in Asia and East Africa. The report also confirmed that most of the “climate refugees” were evacuated within their national fatherland.

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