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Mr Biden to issue executive order ending construction of border walls

Mr. Joe Biden (photo: Reuters).

President Joe Biden will issue an executive order suspending construction of the border wall, although it is not clear whether the existing wall will be removed, according to The Epoch Times.

“A bipartisan majority in Congress refused to fund President Trump’s plan for a…-of-border-walls/ great wall along our southern border in 2019, even after he stopped [arguing with] the government. this issue. After that, he wasted billions of dollars on this construction. With this statement, President-elect Biden will today announce the immediate end of the declaration of national emergency which is being used as an excuse to justify inflows of capital for the construction of walls, ”the office said. . Mr. Biden continued in a statement.

The statement added that plans to build the border wall will be suspended and that the Biden administration “will closely examine the legitimacy of the funding and the terms of the procurement.”

According to the statement, the Biden administration “will also determine how best to navigate the funds that were used by the previous administration to finance the construction of the wall,”

As of Tuesday, January 19, construction of the wall was still underway, according to reporters on the ground. Customs and border protection, overseen by the Department of Homeland Security, says more than 450 km of the wall was built under President Trump’s tenure.

Last week, Mr. Trump visited the wall and reviewed efforts to build it to secure the US-Mexico border.

Mr. Biden is also expected to issue additional executive orders to reverse some of Mr. Trump’s other policies. The 46th President of the United States was sworn in around noon on Wednesday, January 20.


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