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Mr Biden wonders why immigrants infected with COVID are entering the United States

North Carolina state lawmakers are pressuring the Biden administration to demand answers to questions regarding COVID-19-positive immigrants who are still allowed to cross the border into Texas and North Carolina.

According to recent media reports, a significant portion of Wuhan virus-positive refugees entered the US from Mexico after Biden abolished former President Trump’s Stay in Mexico policy. Trump’s policy requires refugees to stop in Mexico while they wait for a court to process their immigration application. However, after taking office, Mr. Biden ended this policy, allowing about 25,000 migrants to enter the US in stages.

The recent increase in the influx of migrants is due to the Biden government’s decisions to suspend the Migrant Protection Protocol, suspend the construction of border walls and weaken law enforcement on immigration, and carrying out arrest and release at the border, lawmakers wrote in a letter to Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Thursday (March 11).

This divisive policy has eliminated President Trump’s efforts to control the borders. Simply put, these policies are very reckless and put our voters in jeopardy, the letter added.

Republican lawmakers say there is no justification for the release of COVID-positive immigrants into American communities during the pandemic.

This administration’s border security policy is having devastating consequences and will put us back in the fight against COVID-19.

Our state is in a strong position to get people back to work and stop a blockade that has harmed many families. Unfortunately, the Biden administration’s decision to bring COVID-19-positive illegal immigrants into North Carolina placed our state’s recovery at risk and violated its commitment to repel the virus. Mr. Biden himself. Our voters deserve to be first, not last. the legislators wrote.

The letter was signed by North Carolina Republican lawmakers Dan Bishop, Richard Hudson, Virginia Foxx, Patrick McHenry, David Rouzer, Ted Budd, Greg Murphy and Madison Cawthorn.

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