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Mr. Pompeo: The withdrawal plan did not work, the Biden team is panicking

Recently, Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan launched a lightning offensive and captured more than half of the country in just a week. The latest news is that Kandahar, the economic center of the south has been occupied, this is the biggest defeat that the US-backed Afghan government has suffered since the withdrawal of US troops.

Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo (Source: Ron Przysucha/ US State Department)

Currently, the Taliban have taken control of large swaths of land to the North, South and West, now drawing closer to the capital, Kabul.

Reuters reported, the Taliban said they had captured Herat, the third largest city to the west, Lashkar Gah to the south and Qala-e-Naw to the northwest.

Afghanistan’s Interior Ministry confirmed earlier that Ghazni, about 150 kilometers from the capital Kabul, had fallen. Ghazni defends the main highway between Kabul and Kandahar, which connects the capital Kabul with the southern provinces that are the area of ​​influence of the Taliban.

Former Afghan government adviser and analyst Torek Farhadi told VOA, “Ghazni fell without resistance, rendering the military option meaningless. The Taliban were at the door of Kabul. It is imperative that we avoid conflict in the capital.”

Afghanistan’s Interior Minister confirmed to reporters later that day that Afghan Security Forces arrested Ghazni Governor Dawood Laghmani and his colleagues while en route to the capital and that they are now under investigation.

The US Department of Defense announced that it will deploy about 3,000 more troops within 48 hours to help US Embassy staff evacuate.

Afghan President Ghani replaced the commander of the Afghan Army on Wednesday, but the crisis is still deepening.

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby told the media on Wednesday the US military would complete its withdrawal by the end of August as planned. “Our focus right now remains on giving Afghan forces on the battlefield the viable air support they need, as well as completing our safe and orderly withdrawal.”

Former Secretary of State Pompeo: Biden’s plan to withdraw troops is not complete and panic

Former US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo criticized Biden’s incomplete withdrawal plan and poor leadership. On August 13, he wrote a commentary on Fox News, saying that during his term as Secretary of State, his goal of fighting terrorism in Afghanistan was simple and clear. The first is to reduce the risk of radical Islamic terrorism in the country and prevent the recurrence of 9/11; second, sending young soldiers, pilots, and marines home to focus on terrorist activities around the world and the great power struggles emanating from China.

Pompeo pointed out that the Trump administration’s model for protecting the safety of Americans is deterrence. He stressed that, since the day the Trump administration and the Taliban signed the first agreement on February 29, 2020, no Americans have been killed. When he left office, fewer than 200 Al-Qaida members remained in Afghanistan. Due to pressure from the United States, Al-Qaeda leaders fled Afghanistan and did not hide in Iran.

But on the contrary, “Today the Biden administration is said to be begging the Taliban not to kill our diplomats. It is not only weak but also very dangerous.”

“It looks like the Biden team didn’t plan enough. They looked panicked. This will incite the Taliban and encourage Al Qaeda.”

At the end of the article, Mr. Pompeo wrote: “Now is the time to reduce our operations in Afghanistan, but it must be done with strength, courage and planning. The reduction of US troops does not necessarily lead to defeat. I hope that this administration can achieve that parallel goal.”

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