Screenshot from New York Post / Youtube.

According to Fox News, Mr Bobulinski said, “In fact, Hunter often calls his father ‘big man’ or ‘my president’.”

Mr. Biden denied the corruption allegations and the e-mails on the computer’s hard drive and said Mr. Bobulinsky’s statements were a “Russian conspiracy”.

President Trump has also accused Joe of receiving money from Russia.

“Joe received $ 3.5 million from Russia through Putin because he is very close to the former mayor of Moscow and the wife of the mayor of Moscow. He received $ 3.5 million, his family received $ 3.5 million. And that’s what you have to explain to everyone, ”Biden asked during the debate.

Biden denied the charges, saying his son’s work overseas “is not immoral.”

“We’re talking about China,” Biden changed the subject. He cites a recent report that Trump had a bank account opened in China prior to his presidency.

“I don’t take money from China, but you do. I don’t make money with Ukraine, but you do. I don’t make money with Russia. He made $ 3.5 million, ”Mr. Trump said.

Trump also mentioned another agreement involving China, which was signed after Hunter Biden flew in Air Force Two with his father Joe in 2013 during his official visit to Beijing. While there, Joe Biden reportedly met Hunter’s Chinese counterparts in person. Ten days later, Hunter’s company signed a deal with a Chinese state-backed bank to create a $ 1.5 billion investment company.

“He was vice president then, and his son, brother, and other brother are getting rich [because of his status],” Trump said.

In turn, Mr. Biden attacked President Trump’s private attorney Rudy Giuliani, who provided the New York Post with Hunter Biden’s computer hard drive.

“His friend Rudy Giuliani” is “a pawn of Russia,” Joe Biden said.