Mr. Trump: Biden is open to immigrants, but closed to Americans

Trump had already suspended funding to the UN agency, accusing it of being a “puppet” of China as the global health crisis erupted.

In his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) on Sunday (Feb. 28), former President Trump criticized the Biden administration’s immigration policies for increasing the number of immigrants. Illegal immigration on the southern border.

Breibart reported, Trump said that although millions of Americans are still under blockade orders, the Biden administration is open to illegal immigrants.

The former president said: “[Mr. Biden has] increased the number of refugees entering [the country] by almost 10 times, but in fact, it will be hundreds of times soon when millions of people overflowing across the border is about to open. our,”

“Your family still can’t eat at local restaurants but Joe Biden is bringing thousands of refugees from all over the world [into our country] – people who no one knows about. , ”Mr. Trump continued. “We don’t have criminal records, we don’t have [their] health records, what do they bring with them?”

Trump also criticized Mr. Biden for restarting immigration to the United States from terrorist exporting countries. This was one of the first executive orders signed by the new President last month.

“Within these first few hours, Biden removed the travel ban due to our national security of terrorist nations,” Trump said. His first priority is to open our borders to unchecked tourists from Libya, Yemen, Syria, Somalia and many other countries where strict [background] checks are not possible. … countries with serious terrorism problems. “

On Feb. 4, the new president signed an executive order barring state and local governments from refusing refugees in their towns and communities. The executive order reversed Trump’s decree 13888, which gave states and localities veto power over refugee resettlement.

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