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Mr. Trump founded the Channel Save America, preparing for Greatness again

Former US President Donald Trump (photo: Shutterstock).

Former US President Donald J. Trump issued a statement asking his supporters to stop donating money to “Nominal Republicans” (RINOs) and thus created a donation channel. live – Political Action Committee Save America.

“There is no money left for RINOS. They do nothing but hurt Republicans and our great voting platform – they will never lead us to Greatness. Submit your donation to the Save America PAC at We will bring America back stronger than ever! ”Mr. Trump said, according to The Hill.

The statement comes after a brief quarrel between the former US president and the Republican National Committee (RNC).

According to another report by The Hill, Mr. Trump’s lawyers wrote a letter to the RNC on Friday, asking not to use his name to raise donations without giving. prior authorization.

“President Trump remains committed to the Republican Party and supports US conservatives above all else, but that does not allow anyone – friend or foe – to use his image without permission. clear approval, ”the statement said.


The letter also said the RNC and political campaigns to run for Congress must “immediately stop and cancel the unauthorized use of names, images and / or similar images of President Donald J. Trump. in all fundraising activities, persuasion and / or presentations ”.

However, the RNC reacted fiercely to Trump’s legal team, dismissing the petition.

Justin Riemer, the RNC’s chief advisor, said Republicans “have every right to mention public figures in their core political speech, protected by the First Amendment, and they will continue continue to do so; to pursue these common goals ”.

Mr. Trump’s decision to establish a direct donation channel will prevent Republicans from having a political position more consistent with corporate profits or whose interests are not in the United States’ vision. all, get sponsorship money on behalf of Mr. Trump.

Origin of the dispute

After the January 6 riots on Capitol Hill, Democrats did everything they could to blame Mr. Trump and, fearing his significant influence in the country, impeached him even though he was an civilian so that he cannot run in the future anymore.

Ten Republican representatives and seven Republican senators voted in favor of impeaching Trump, although there were no real arguments and the evidence was manipulated.

In his typical form, Mr. Trump harshly criticized Republicans who betrayed the party by believing in the lies of the Democrats and vowing to support and campaign against them so that they never would. won seats in Congress as well.

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