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Mr Trump won the special title and the gratitude of the Chinese people

Mr Trump won the special title and the gratitude of the Chinese people
President Trump during an election campaign in Florida on 10/12/2020 (Photo: Reuters).

Because it worked much more efficiently than the Chinese anti-corruption agency.

After the October 2 announcement by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) of a ban on members of political parties applying to immigrate, the number of people leaving the party has skyrocketed in the world. , to follow

A few days ago, a Vision Times reporter called and interviewed several mainland Chinese citizens to ask their opinion on this issue. Many agree that members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) should be banned from immigration, some say that now in Chinese society has given Trump a very special title – true anti-corruption secretary.

Mr. Bang, a citizen of the northeastern region of China, said, “Of course the United States prohibits party members from immigrating, which is good for the country and the property of the people. They, party members and cadres, are probably on the corrupt side, so there will be less freedom, because transferring money and other things is not possible. America will not accept them ”.

Mr. Wu, a citizen of Shaanxi Province, said, “Totally agree! Officials in this country intimidate people, take goods out. This time it’s possible to let these people go back to hell, everyone can feel the same. I really support Trump’s way of doing things, it’s real ‘universal joy’ (great joy to tell many others together) ”.

Beijing citizen Mr. Chu said happily, “The United States is doing it right. The corrupt CCP officials, after the corruption, took all their money to the United States. Politics like this are very good! … Most people have been shouting that the CCP is good, but they don’t know how good it is! “

When asked why many people don’t know how good the CCP is, but just want to shout at the CCP, that’s good, Mr. Zhou replied, “Well, that’s brainwashing.” . Chinese TV is streaming people who are brainwashed every day, don’t you think? I never look at her ”.

Mr. Co, a citizen of Guangdong, laughed, “Actually, the party that does not go to the other party is deceiving the people. These people join the party to be promoted. I followed them to discuss, I said how the party rules are written, they don’t all know! I said if you want to join the party, how do you know the party charter? See if qualified? They can’t answer. I asked those who were in power and who made great positions. In fact, in their hearts, they all understand that the main goal is always rice, it is the most important. They all know the other party is inhuman, see who still believes that? But if we don’t, how can we make money? “

Mr. Jia also told reporters that now on the mainland people are spreading that Mr. Trump is the “real anti-corruption secretary” and that China depends on Trump to help fight corruption, and “all of us. let’s hope he will fight corruption ”.

During the interview, the reporter asked about the Chinese people’s perspective on the current global “three withdrawals” movement (outside of the CCP, Communist Youth League and Young Pioneers), many many people said they were agreed to withdraw from the CCP, but argued that withdrawing from organizations such as the Communist Youth League and Young Pioneers does not make much sense. About this, a Vision Times reporter interviewed Qin Bang, a commentator on Chinese and English media news in the United States.

Tran Bang responded, “USCIS ‘public announcement on October 2 states that membership in totalitarian political parties or its affiliated organizations will not be accepted upon immigration. If these legal documents were taken seriously, this would of course include members of the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers. It also includes members of peripheral organizations such as the United Front Organization, the Chinese-American People’s Friendship Association, and the China Association for the Promotion of Peaceful Unification mentioned by Pompeo in his speech. expression. He is not a member of the CCP, but he is also classified as peripheral organizations, so it is okay to withdraw from these organizations. “

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