Mr Trump’s ally launches a nonprofit on electoral integrity

Allies of former President Donald Trump on May 5 launched a new non-governmental organization focused on combating electoral fraud.

The newly created initiative is called the Election Integrity Alliance, a not-for-profit organization. The organization will focus on “ending election fraud and promoting election guarantees by providing information, resources, testimonials about allies’ efforts, and solutions to ensure free and fair elections ”.

Members of the Electoral Integrity Coalition include many of Trump’s allies, including former presidential adviser, Jenna Ellis, Texas Attorney General, Ken Paxton, Trump’s former economic advisor, Mr. Peter Navarro, former Commander of the New York Metropolitan Area Police, Mr. Bernard Kerik, former White House advisor Sebastian Gorka, professor of constitutional law Michael Donnelly and former Trump attorney, Mirna Tarraf.

In a statement released on May 5, the Electoral Integrity Coalition said: “The National Council of the Election Integrity Coalition brings together individuals who have been struggling for election integrity despite personal risks. people are huge and fighters for free and fair elections ”.

The American Greatness Fund’s Electoral Integrity Coalition was founded by former Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale.

The Electoral Integrity Coalition states on the Great Foundation’s website: “Free and fair elections are the foundation of a civilian government that powers only through the consent of the people” .

“In our system, We The People chooses and prefers to use individuals among us to govern us at all levels, and no individual or party has more authority than appropriation, inheritance, corruption or fraud to take power “, the statement added.

“Only with our electoral integrity can we function in a limited and legal role in civil society. America was founded on the recognition that the rights of each individual are God-given and transcend politics. The only legitimate goal of civilian government is to uphold and protect these rights which are essential to freedom and fairness for all, ”said the Declaration of the Electoral Integrity Coalition.

Since the 2020 US presidential election, Mr Trump’s allies have formed many organizations to strive to protect the integrity of elections and uphold the “America First” policy.

Trump’s former advisers Brooke Rollins and Larry Kudlow started the American Institute of Policy. Above all, former Secretary of Housing and Urban Ben Carson founded the American Cornerstone Institute and former adviser. of Trump, who specializes in writing speeches for the former president, Stephen Miller founded America First Legal.

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