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Myanmar: Five more people were killed on Saturday; the military punishes critics online

Myanmar’s security forces opened fire on Saturday’s protest, killing five people, protesters and local media reported. The deadly shootings continued as the military stepped up efforts to end dissent by arresting critics on online platforms and blocking the Internet.

Despite security forces killing more than 550 people since the February 1 coup, protesters go to the streets every day, often forming small groups in smaller towns to voice their protests. the re-establishment of the military regime.

Security forces in the central town of Monywa opened fire on a crowd, killing three people, according to the Myanmar Now news service; while a man was shot dead in the town of Bago, and one was killed in Thaton, according to the online portal Bago Weekly Journal reported.

“They started firing non-stop with both stun grenades and real bullets,” an anonymous protester in Monywa told Reuters via a messaging app. “Everyone stepped back and quickly put up a barrier, but a bullet was lodged in the head of someone in front of me. He died on the spot. “

Police and military spokesmen did not respond to requests for comment from the media.

On Saturday, the Association for Supporting Political Prisoners (AAPP) activists said security forces had killed a total of more than 550 people, including 46 children, since the military overthrew the civilian government. was led by Mrs. Aung San Suu Kyi.

The protests that attracted tens of thousands of people during the early days of protests in major cities had largely stopped, now protesters protesting the coup largely through “guerrilla demonstrations”, ie small demonstrations and took place quickly before security forces can respond.

People also gather at night to light candles to pray.

Authorities are currently running a campaign to control information. Mobile data was cut, while authorities ordered Internet providers to cut off wireless broadband, stripping most customers’ access, although some messages and pictures were still posted and share on social networks.

Authorities have also issued a wanted warrant against 18 celebrities in the business world, including social media influencers and two journalists under an unusual law, according to who posting content that could cause the military to neglect its mission or rebellion would result in up to 3 years in prison.

State broadcaster MRTV has issued a wanted order for 18 people, with screenshots and links to their Facebook profiles.

Although the military has banned platforms like Facebook, they continue to use the social media to follow critics and propagate their messages.

MRTV maintains a YouTube channel and shares links to its broadcasts on Twitter, while both have been officially banned.

The United States has condemned the Internet cutting in Myanmar.

“We hope this will not silence the voices of the people,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Jalina Porter said during a meeting.

The coup had put the risk of civil war going as the military broke out with ethnic minorities claiming autonomy in the north and east.

Myanmar’s oldest rebel group, the Karen National Coalition (KNU), was first raided by government troops in more than 20 years, after it claimed to support the democracy movement.

KNU said more than 12,000 villagers had been displaced by the airstrikes. The organization has called for an international embargo on the sale of weapons to the military.

“Their inhumane acts against unarmed civilians have caused the deaths of many people including children and students,” the group said in a statement.

Media reported that about 20 people have been killed in airstrikes on KNU territory in recent days, including nearly a dozen at a gold mine operated by the group.

Fighting also broke out in the north between the army and the Kachin rebels. The turmoil caused thousands of refugees to flee to Thailand and India.

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