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Myanmar Unification Government was set up by protesters request attend the ASEAN meeting

On Sunday (April 18), a Myanmar Unification Government (NUG) official declared by the protesters established on April 16, said that,Myanmar’s neighbors in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) must negotiate with NUG if they want to help resolve the disorder in Myanmar. which was triggered by the military coup on February 1.The NUG official also stressed that ASEAN should not recognize Myanmar’s military government.

According to Reuters, ASEAN has been trying to find an outlet for the bloody crisis that has rocked the Myanmar member state since its military overthrew the elected government led by veteran democracy activist Aung San. Suu Kyi leads.

Myanmar’s military has shown no willingness to cooperate with neighboring countries, nor has it shown that it wants to negotiate with the elected government it has overthrown.

However, in a first sign of the progress of cooperation with ASEAN, Myanmar military leader General Min Aung Hlaing is expected to attend an ASEAN summit scheduled to take place in Jakarta, Indonesia on March 24. April 4, Reuters quoted a Thai government official as saying on Saturday (April 17).

If Mr. Min Aung Hlaing attended the upcoming conference in Indonesia, it would be the first time the Myanmar military leader has traveled abroad and has met with international leaders since he took office on February 1. . Myanmar’s military government has not released any official statement regarding the above ASEAN summit.

Meanwhile, the International Cooperation Minister of the Mynamar United Government – Dr. Sasa on April 17 said that ASEAN should not invite the “killer” Min Aung Hlaing.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Myanmar Unified Government Moe Zaw Oo, in an interview with VOA in Myanmar on Sunday (April 18), said that ASEAN should not recognize the Myanmar military government.

“If ASEAN is considering action regarding Myanmar’s issues, I would say that they will not be successful if they do not negotiate with NUG – the government is supported by the people and is completely legal,” he said. Moe Zaw Oo said.

Opponents of the military government in Myanmar announced the creation of a National Unified Government on Friday (April 16) with the aim of ending the military regime and restoring democracy. The United Government is comprised of ousted National Assembly members, leaders of anti-coup protests and ethnic minorities.

The United Government has published a list of holders of positions, including ethnic minority members and protest leaders, emphasizing a unity of purpose between the pro-democracy movement and Minority communities claim autonomy.

Ms. Suu Kyi, who has been in custody since the 1/2 coup, was nominated as State Advisor, and her government position was overthrown.

NUG has been calling on the international community to recognize them as the legitimate government in Myanmar and they have also asked ASEAN to invite NUG representatives to the ASEAN summit in place of Mr. Min Aung Hlaing.

“It is very important that the military council is not recognized,” Moe Zaw Oo told VOA. He added that Myanmar’s unifying government has not yet received an invitation to attend the ASEAN summit in Jakrata, Indonesia on April 24.

To date, the Burmese military government’s security forces have killed at least 730 people in an attempt to end anti-coup protests, according to the Association for Supporting Political Prisoners’ activities.

The actions of the Myanmar military government have been met with fierce condemnation from Western nations and unprecedented criticism from several ASEAN member states even though the bloc’s principle is not. interfere with each other’s internal affairs.

According to Reuters, over the weekend many people took to the streets in many towns across Myanmar to express their support for the newly formed Myanmar Unification Government.

The Myanmar military government’s security forces on Saturday shot and killed at least two protesters in the mining town of Mogok, a local resident told Reuters.

The media also announced that many small bombs were exploded in the city of Yangon on April 17. Currently neither side has claimed responsibility for these bombings. The Myanmar army accused the protesters of carrying out the bomb attacks.

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