Named “the most beautiful girl in the world”, who are the child models of this time?

Have you ever wondered what famous girls with the title “most beautiful in the world” after growing up?

Referring to the title “the most beautiful girl in the world”, people still have to remember names such as: Jade Weber, Kristina Pimenova or Mackenzie Foy … used to rocking social networks for a long time thanks to her beautiful appearance like my flower

For a long time, these girls have grown up and still have the same beauty as when they were famous. Some people even “bomb” the International Model Village.

Do you remember those world famous child models? (Photo: the list)

Mackenzie foy

Born in 2000, the famous New Day Mackenzie Foy has already been hailed as a baby with a sheer angelic appearance. Although the parents did not “set foot” in showbiz, but thanks to his good looks, Mackenzie has been active in the film and fashion industry from a young age.

At the age of 20, Mackenzie is still working very hard in art. She turned to the theater with famous works such as: Twilight, Interstellar, The Nutcracker And The Four Realms … With exceptional beauty in her twenties, she is considered one of the actresses. Hollywood perspectives.

Mackenzie Foy’s perfect beauty that day. (Photo: the list)

Her current beauty is admired by fans. (Photo: the list)

Anastasia bezrukova

Russian girl – Anastasia Bezrukova was also known to the world public thanks to her sweet and pretty appearance and the title of “the most beautiful girl in the world”. From an early age, the angel child of 2004 took care of photo shoots for cult brands.

With impressive beauty and varied fashion styles, Anastasia is increasingly conquering many big fashion houses. Now at the age of 16, Anastasia Bezrukova continues to make fans fascinated with her beauty, the bigger the promotion. “Birch land” is a familiar face from European fashion weeks.

The Russian “angel” child once rocked the global model village. (Photo: the list)

The taller the model, the more beautiful and charismatic she is. (Photo: the list)

Jade weber

Jade Weber was a prominent Hollywood child model with hybrid beauty from three bloodlines: France, America and China. From an early age, the model of a child born in 2005 clearly showed his artistic qualities. Her beautiful face and golden hair made Jade Weber look like the princess from Jade’s fairy tale.

Over time, this beauty did not diminish, but became more and more perfect than before. The 15-year-old caught the “green eyes” of many big brands around the world and signed up for special publications. Even in 2019, Jade Weber is also named in the list of the 100 most beautiful faces in the world in 2019 announced by the magazine TC Candler.

Her impressive beauty has 3 bloodlines. (P

This beauty is emphasized more and more. (Photo: the list)

Laneya grace

Famous at the age of 3 after a photo taken by her father, Laneya Grace joined the Hollywood entertainment industry thanks to her beautiful beauty like a little angel. Since then Laneya has worked very hard in the art and is now a familiar face in the world of models.

Laneya impressed by appearing in Avicii’s “ Wake Me Up ” MV. The model born in 2004 is currently active under the management company Wilhelmina and has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram.

Laneya has possessed modern beauty from a young age. (Photo: the list)

Glamorous beauty of a 16 year old girl. (Photo: the list)

Kristina pimenova

Nicknamed the “Russian doll” thanks to her “loyalist” look, the model of a child born in 2005 – Kristina Pimenova has had time to shake up social networks around the world. when they have a soccer dad, the mom is a famous role model.

The bigger her appearance, the more perfect her Barbie look. Kristina’s ocean blue eyes and charisma always make fans admire. Kristina’s beauty is truly “despite the times”, because whether she is a pure child version or a charming adult, she always easily conquers the most demanding fashion houses.

Kristina has been charismatic since her childhood. (Photo: the list)

A beauty regardless of when Kristina was becoming more and more attractive than before. (Photo: the list)

They are all popular faces in international fashion. Indeed, these “most beautiful girls in the world” have never disappointed the fans as they become more and more beautiful.

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