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New York mayoral candidate sues Election Commission ‘forgetting’ not to delete hundreds of thousands promissory try on

The campaign of New York City mayoral candidate Eric Adams on Wednesday (June 30, US time) filed a lawsuit in court after the City Elections Commission announced the incorrect number of votes in the election. Democratic Party primaries.

New York City Mayor Candidate Eric Adams

The New York City Elections Commission on Tuesday (June 29) released false results, including 135,000 fake ballots, and it is expected to announce the correct results on Wednesday (May 30). 6, US time). However, about 124,000 absentee ballots will not be counted until next week. Eric Adams’ campaign on June 30 decided to file a lawsuit in Kings County Superior Court.

In a statement released on June 30, Eric Adams’ campaign said: “Today we petitioned the court to defend our right to a fair electoral process and to ask the judge to monitor and review ballots, if necessary. We will notify other candidates’ campaigns of our lawsuit as required by law, because they are stakeholders.”

Eric Adams, president of Brooklyn, New York City, has called for “other candidates’ campaigns to join [his campaign] and petition the courts because we are all the same.” pursue clear and credible election results”.

The New York City Elections Commission, a bipartisan body, said on Tuesday night (June 29) that it had inadvertently added 135,000 “trial ballots” to the vote count, confusing the process and leading to error in reporting results.

Eric Adams is a former police officer and after last week’s primary vote count, he was the leading candidate for the Democratic Party’s nomination for Mayor of New York. But after the Election Commission released the latest data on the morning of June 29, Eric Adams was led by candidate Kathryn Garcia by about 2 percentage points (about 15,900 votes).

Eric Adams’ campaign publicly pointed out the inconsistency in the vote count shortly after the vote counting error was announced.

Then, in a statement released on the evening of June 29, around 10:30 a.m. Eastern time, the Election Commission said that it had not removed the images of the 135,000 ballots entered into the system for the purpose of test test.

“The Commission apologizes for this error and has immediately taken measures to ensure the most accurate results when the results are announced,” the Commission statement said. After that, the results announced by the Commission on the morning of June 29 were withdrawn.

The Election Commission also wrote on Twitter: “We are aware of inconsistencies in the unofficial [RCV] rating selection round reporting. We are working with RCV technicians to determine where the data disparity is occurring. We urge the public, elected officials and candidates to be patient.”

Eric Adams also wrote on Twitter on June 29: “Today’s error by the Election Commission was unfortunate. It’s important that New Yorkers trust the voting system, especially as we’re holding ranked voting in a citywide election for the first time.”

Candidates participating in the primary ranking election with Mr. Eric Adams also criticized the error of the Election Commission.

Candidate Kathryn Garcia issued a press release, saying: “New Yorkers want free and fair elections, which is why we voted overwhelmingly to enact the abolition. rating vote. The fact that the Electoral Commission announced the results of the election with a false rating is extremely disturbing and requires more transparent and clear explanations.”

Lawyer and activist Maya Wiley released a statement saying: “The Electoral Commission’s fault was not just not counting the votes properly today, it was also the result of a series of unresolved errors. Today, we are witnessing once again that mismanagement has led to a lack of confidence in [election] results, not because of flaws in our election laws, but because people enforcement of those laws has gone wrong too many times.”

Former President Donald Trump also spoke out about the errors of the New York City Election Commission. He said that “based on what happened, no one will even be able to tell who really won” in the Democratic primary.

“Look at the chaos you will witness in New York City, it will go on forever. They should end [this way of voting] and start over in the classic way, and then we will have accurate and meaningful results,” Trump wrote in the June 30 statement.

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