Norway and Germany discovered the cause of blood clotting of vaccine AstraZeneca

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On March 11, Denmark completely stopped using the AstraZeneca vaccine. Later, several other European countries also announced to stop using the vaccine. Norwegian and German medical researchers have found that the AstraZeneca vaccine can trigger the body’s own immune response and cause blood clots (thrombosis).

Following an AstraZeneca vaccination, complications of cerebral sinus thrombosis (CVST) are suspected, according to a report from, which raises concerns about the safety of the vaccine. This COVID-19.

In Norway, 3 medical staff under 50 years of age suffered from severe blood clots after AstraZeneca vaccination and hospitalized treatment. One of them has passed away.

Pål André Holme, professor of hematology and chief doctor at the University of Oslo Hospital, said his team found the cause of the blood clotting to be caused by the AstraZeneca vaccine. It is very likely that this vaccine has triggered a strong immune response of the body itself.

“Our theory is that this could be a powerful immune response in the body triggered by a vaccine, which has been shown to be correct,” Holm said. “We collaborated with the University Hospital of North Norway HF (University Hospital of North Norway HF) expert in this field, which discovered that anti-platelet-specific antibodies can induce reactions. This immunity, and we have also learned about these antibodies from other medical fields. “

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Currently, the study concludes that only the AstraZeneca vaccine can activate the human body to induce this immune response.

The three Norwegian medical staff mentioned above were taken to the hospital for treatment after experiencing severe pain and hematoma in important parts such as the stomach and brain.

The Norwegian Medicines Agency did not comment on the conclusion of the University of Oslo Medical School.

In an interview with the Norwegian News Agency (NTB), Medical Director Steinar Madsen said: “First, we have to observe the results of the study and I don’t want to comment on it now.”

After the investigation, The Safety Committee of the European Medicines Agency held a press conference on March 18, declaring that the AstraZeneca vaccine was safe and effective. , advantages outweigh disadvantages, but do not rule out the occurrence of blood clots after injection.

AstraZeneca declined to comment on Norway’s medical conclusions.

The Liberty Times of Taiwan said recently, professor of blood transfusion Andreas Greinacher at German University Hospital Greifswald announced, an independent investigation of his medical team. for the same result with Professor Holm.

On March 19, “The Research Society for Coagulation and Hemostasis” in Germany reviewed the medical results of the Grenachell professors’ group and recommended the use of anticoagulants and immunoglobulins for the treatment of Coagulation problems occurred after COVID-19 vaccination.

Robert Klamroth, vice president of the “Association for Thromboembolism and Hemostasis” of Germany, said that the most likely hypothesis about blood clots following COVID-19 vaccination today is because the vaccine causes a reaction. autoimmune is rare in humans, leading to antibodies to interact with platelets to cause blood clots.

The Norwegian and German medical research results have not yet been reviewed by peers in the same industry.

In this regard, the Norwegian Ministry of Health has accepted the research conclusion of Professor Holm’s medical team and decided not to continue to vaccinate AstraZeneca in the present time. The German government said it has decided to resume the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine.

The Central Taiwanese news agency reported that on March 20, the Danish official reported two additional medical workers had a blood clot and brain hemorrhage after the AstraZeneca vaccine, one of them died. death. They all received the AstraZeneca vaccine within 14 days of the onset of thrombotic symptoms.

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