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Ohio police shot and killed teen girl have weapon; The left-wing newspaper reported “empty-handed”

On April 20 (US time), Ohio police officer shot and killed a black teen girl while she was attacking two others with a knife east of Columbus City. Before the footage was announced, left-wing media reported that the girl was “empty-handed”.

Camera footage shows a young girl attacking multiple people with a knife in Columbus, (Columbus Police Department)
According to Fox News, police were called to the scene at around 4:30 pm local time when there were reports of someone attempting to stab someone at a private home.

As soon as the police arrived, they saw a young girl holding another woman to the ground with a knife in her hand. After that, the girl continued to rush into another woman nearby while raising the knife in the air. The policeman shot many times, severely injuring the girl holding the assault knife.

“She stabbed them with a knife,” the policeman said as other officers looked after the girl on the ground.

The Ohio Department of Criminal Investigation is currently investigating the incident.

Columbus Police Interim Director Michael Woods said the release of the video footage was intended to “share with the community and be transparent about the incident.”

He added that investigators would consider whether the fatal shooting was in compliance with state law. This law states that “lethal force can be used to protect oneself or to protect a third person.”

Columbus Mayor Andrew Ginther said the whole thing was a tragedy.

“This is a tragic day in the city of Columbus. It was a terrible and heartbreaking situation, ”Ginther said on Tuesday night.

“The city of Columbus today has lost a 15-year-old girl. We know based on the video, the policeman acted to protect another young girl… but one family is in grief tonight. And this 15 year old girl will never go home. “

It is not clear if anyone else was injured in the attack.

The policeman involved in the fatal shooting was identified as Nicholas Rearden, who joined the police force since December 2019. This person has been on administrative leave to wait for an investigation.

The girl who was shot and killed was identified as 15-year-old Ma’Khia Bryant. She died in hospital after being taken there in critical condition.

Hazel Bryant, who claims to be the victim’s aunt, said her teenage niece had “picked up a knife in self-defense” during her brawl with others in the neighborhood.

“The police came and shot my niece four times,” Ms. Bryant told Lacey Crisp of 10TV.

The shooting occurred shortly before former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was convicted of murder by a jury in connection with the death of George Floyd.

Demonstrators gathered near the site of the shooting and at Columbus Police headquarters on Tuesday night, chanting “Important black women,” “Important black children.”

The Daily Beast posted false information about the Columbus police case

Social media users condemned The Daily Beast, a left-wing newspaper, for posting false information about the incident.

In its original report, the site claimed that when police were at the scene, Bryant was “unarmed” and a knife was found “lying on the ground”. However, when Columbus police released the video, it showed Ms. Bryant assaulting two other women, one of whom was shoved by her and the other swinging a knife by her.

In the original report, The Daily Beast quoted Hazel Bryant, who was admitted as Bryant’s aunt. The aunt told reporters that her niece was the one who called the police and that Ms. Ma’Khia was not alerted before the police shot.

After the video was published showing Ma’Khia Bryant assaulting the other two, The Daily Beast updated the news.

NPR, another left-wing news site, also falsely reported and was subsequently updated on the incident.

On Twitter, many democracy activists also tweeted that police shot dead a “bare-handed” colored teen girl.

According to conservative writer Allahpundit, misleading headlines were initially made to highlight the story of “systematic police racism.”

The White House called the incident “tragic”, ignoring suspects holding a knife to attack others

On April 21, White House press secretary Jen Psaki called the Ohio police shooting and death of a teenage girl holding a knife “tragedy” and said that the incident would prompt the White House to continue solving “racism. systematic clan. “

Psaki said. “We know that police force disproportionately affects blacks and Latinos; and that black women and girls or black men and boys are more likely to experience police violence. ”

“Her death comes at a time when America is hoping to take a step forward after the painful and tiring trial for Derek Chauvin… So our focus is on working to solve the problem. the problem of systematic racism and underlying prejudice and, of course, to pass laws and regulations to impose necessary reforms in police departments across the country, ”continued Ms. Psaki.

However, Ms. Psaki did not mention that the girl was attacking another person with a knife.
She said Mr. Biden had been briefed on the situation.

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