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One more congressman declares to challenge the election results on January 6

Representative Madison Cawthorn (Youtube screenshot).

North Carolina Republican Representative Madison Cawthorn announced he would challenge the election results at a joint congressional meeting on Jan.6.

Mr. Cawthorn attended the Student Action Summit 2020 event held in West Palm Beach, Florida on December 19. Here, he said, if you look at what’s going on in democratic-controlled states or the governors and the secretary of state are Democrats, you’ll see “they broke the law and went backwards.” the Constitution during this election ”. So Mr. Cawthorn said, “On January 6th, I will challenge this election [result].”

Mr Cawthorn also re-emphasized his point on Twitter.

“The right to vote in a free and fair election is the foundation of our Republic … I choose to fill the void, to fight for us.”

Madison Cawthorn is the fourth Republican to make the announcement. Previously, MPs Matt Gaetz, Mo Brooks and Senator Tommy Tuberville also announced their participation in efforts to challenge electoral votes at the National Assembly general meeting on January 6.

It takes at least one congressman and one senator to oppose electoral votes in the January 6 bicameral session. If this objection meets the conditions, the joint session will be suspended, the Senate and the House of Representatives will plead internally for a maximum of 2 hours. After that, the members of the two chambers will vote separately to accept or reject the expressed objection. If the majority of the votes of the members of both chambers is reached, the objection will be accepted.

If one chamber accepts it and the others oppose it, then under federal law, the votes of voters confirmed by the executive branch of the state will be counted.

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