Part 2 full transcript of interview with General Flynn and General McInerney: American soldiers died taking servers in Germany

Video screenshot of the interview with General Flynn and General McInerney by Brannon Howse.

Kraken’s true identity, as well as confirmation that US servicemen were killed in the shootout to take over CIA servers in Frankfurt have been revealed.

World View Report host Brannon Howse broadcast an interview with General Michael Flynn as well as his first public comments since being pardoned by President Trump.

This interview also featured General Thomas McInerney, an expert in cyberwarfare, as well as Mary Fanning of

In this interview, Kraken’s true identity, as well as confirmation that US servicemen were killed in the shootout to take control of the CIA servers in Frankfurt were revealed, which is key to the evidence. cleverly elected the vote fraudulently by remotely modifying the counting results sheet.

Brannon Howse: Yes, Lieutenant-General McInerney, would you like to comment on what your friend [General Flynn] said? And thank you for helping to set this up.

General Mclnerney: Well this is really important because this is the first time that I believe General Flynn can speak publicly, and so I want to thank you for arranging this interview, we are now seeing the situation without precedent in American history. This is the most dangerous situation since the end of the civil war and the nation is reunified, and why do I say it? What you and General Flynn are saying is about cyber warfare. Cyber ​​warfare is discreetly hidden, it is mysterious. Even if you don’t see it, it has happened. Suddenly 138,000 votes, or 150,000 votes, suddenly they popped up, and since we were relying on computers they assumed they were all legal, but in this particular case they were illegal, Sidney Powell made do with it. General Flynn’s attorney and what she filed in Georgia and Michigan on Wednesday night, the day before Thanksgiving, we received a paper in this journal, about a doctor’s lawsuit.

Navid Keshavarez-Nia, a 59-year-old California resident who spent nearly 40 years in Washington as a specialist in the professional intelligence community. Kurt Weeby, a former NSA official, a good friend of ours, also works with Mary and I at the same time, and Dennis Montgomery, a former CIA analyst, is a genuinely creative person who discovered the features. of Hammer and Scorecard software, and we broke it down on Sunday and Monday before the election, detecting possible [fraudulent] actions and what [we predict] was going on. In reality. Mary informed me and suddenly, two and a half days ago, before the start of the vote on November 3, that is, November 1, I connected the voting portal (Voting gate).

I am a military analyst and for 16 and a half years I have worked on Fox News as a military analyst. I’m number three on the US Air Force’s payroll at the newspaper, so I have great experience, but what makes it easier for me, Brannon, is that I run a Leading Cloud Computing Company. I am very familiar with this type of technology and what it does, as I experienced during my military days. Everyone remembers when we attacked Tripoli in 1986. I was the commander and they left from my bases in England.

Now I get this information from UK sources and other sources, but my whole life has been based on it, and what I see now is that these technologies are now being used against themselves. Americans. They are trying to take control of this country through technology and cyber warfare. They dragged Fox News, the media that betrayed us, to join them. They used the mainstream media and the First Amendment to try to protect them, and General Flynn talked about censorship. On Twitter, for example, they censor what President Trump may say. It’s ridiculous. It must stop, but because of all the property they use and abuse the Constitution of the United States, they put us in a place where our founding fathers were never known – on cyber warfare, so that ‘they’re regulated in the Constitution, our electoral process, and through the Electoral College – the Electoral College meeting on December 14, announcing who will be president, and then It runs until January 20, the inauguration, these things don’t ignore cyber warfare, so we have timelines, and I bring that to our audience.

We have a timetable and we have to adopt the legal system. This system is not designed to work in the cyber world, so we had a lot of judges who rejected it and didn’t recognize what happened. This is the challenge we face and what I would like to present tonight. Regardless of whether we have locked and sealed this decision-making process before December 14, the president should not step down until he has been fully heard.

We the American people will ask that these facts be analyzed and examined, and I will present some of the facts that made them so convincing that there is no doubt.

Let’s start with the distribution of votes in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia that are not based on the normal functioning of the system. They are caused by fraudulent electronic manipulation of the targeted counting machines. For example, at 2:30 a.m. on November 4, media reported that Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Arizona, and Nevada and Georgia had decided to stop counting and would resume the next day. The unanimous and deliberate decision to stop counting the votes of the five battlefield states was highly unusual. In fact, it’s unprecedented and it represents the prior coordination of election officials in the battlefield states – the five states mentioned by General Flynn, and because of the ‘big flashing red lights’ It’s for everyone. those who understand the voting process, which is immediately signaled [with a cheat signal].

We started looking at each of these states because they just kept counting. Suddenly in Michigan at 4 a.m., 138,000 votes rolled in, all for Biden. It’s late in every state where they decide to stop counting votes, and that’s when they use cyberwarfare, with hammer and dashboard software, counting machines. Dominion and software. This is where they install these apps, like your iPhone, and they have a smooth “voice count”.

Now, when the numbers come up, start to come back to these five states, they’re different numbers. 138,000 in Michigan, 90,000 in Arizona, that’s impossible. Others are found in Nevada, Georgia and Pennsylvania. The important point is that they are exactly the same percentage. This is not possible in statistical mathematics, which is only possible in the sense that the algorithm is already in use and the algorithm is designed to stay within limits and when the numbers are put together. together it is difficult to see how many votes were inserted. This is a huge flashing red light and it’s important for everyone to understand the type of data we are seeing.

Lawyer Sidney pointed out in Georgia that they had 96,000 missing ballots in Fulton County because they were soaked in water. The state of Pennsylvania sent out 1.8 million votes to its citizens, and due to lack of oversight, 2.5 million mail-in ballots were counted. Probably not asking a genius to figure out if you send 1.8 and get 2.5 million votes, something is wrong.

Now Mrs Sidney and the presidential team, I believe General Flynn, the 305th Army Intelligence Battalion working with them, we don’t see any fingerprints from the DOJ (Department of Justice), the FBI, or the CIA. like friends [in the presidential staff].

Brannon Howse: I would like to interrupt you, because you said something very interesting. You just said who was the one who opened Kraken, and then you just described what Kraken is. We all know the term because Sydney Powell uses it, but you can clearly tell what it is. Can you elaborate?

General Mclnerney: Yes, Sidney has the term Kraken. That was actually the nickname for the 305th Army Intelligence Battalion, and it’s its source and other sources that Mary and I know of, but we don’t want to talk about it. We have different sources relaying this, but the key is that they’ve identified, now get this. They identify China, Iran and Russia as involved in this and manipulate the vote count.

Additionally, the US Special Forces Command held a server camp in Frankfurt, Germany, as they sent data [counting votes] from those six states over the internet to Spain and then arrived. Frankfurt, Germany. Special operations have taken over these facilities to seize the servers and they know all this data that they provide.

Brannon Howse: Was it done without incident? Will the capture of the server be done without failure?

General Mclnerney: Well, I heard that it didn’t happen without a crash, and I can’t verify it yet. I want to be careful when giving information. It has just been announced, but I know that the initial report shows that American soldiers were killed during this operation. This is the action of the CIA.

Brannon Howse: But are you saying it’s a CIA facility, and that’s where the server was taken by these special forces, is it a CIA facility in Germany?

General Mclnerney: That’s right. Frankfurt, Germany. We have all of this information, of course General Flynn is the top US military intelligence officer commanding the Defense Intelligence Agency. He’s a professional intelligence officer, knowing all of these things, top to bottom. In my experience with cloud computing, this is a simple, relatively speaking, but large-scale business because so many people are involved. But what we do, we are competing with the constitution and the December 14 milestone for the Electoral College. Why? Because we have this information and we know President Trump is fighting the ‘underworld’, we also have it in the legislature where Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, Schumer, all these people are all involved in this. They took part in the hoax that accused the president of colluding with Russia. They were involved in this coup, but we also have the judiciary, Judge Sullivan, who served as General Flynn’s judge, defeated himself on this. And that’s why the 305 Army Intelligence Battalion, the Krakens are targeted and chosen, believe me, because the president can trust them. That’s why Chris Miller, who is now Acting Secretary of Defense and former Special Operations hero. That’s why Chris Miller is the Secretary of Defense.

Brannon Howse: What about his viral talk [Miller] about asking all special ops to report directly to him?

General Mclnerney: Well, that rings a bell. He says we tightened up operations because there are people who were part of this plot. That’s what we’re talking about: betrayal. Some people may just think, “Oh, this is just politics.” No.

So President Obama used it [fraudulent votes] in 2012 to win, Biden used it to win in Florida. Democrats used it in the prelims to get Bernie Sanders to lose and Biden to win. Are you saying it’s just politics? we have been deceived. No, it’s not politics, it’s betrayal … We haven’t seen a betrayal of this magnitude in our history, and these politicians, people like Chris Krebs, the leader of the organization. Network War Infrastructure Security Agency, he was sacked by the president a few weeks ago for saying it was a “perfect” election. He committed treason. He was an accomplice and everyone should understand him.

Those who did this are guilty of treason against the United States, and we will ask the president. Insist that this president must not step down until the American people are fully informed of what is going on.

Brannon Howse: What you are saying is that President Trump must carry out his oath, which he took – to defend America against its enemies, both at home and abroad, and he must not let deadlines prevent him from taking the oath. Did I hear him say?

General Mclnerney: That’s exactly what you hear from me, Brannon. The president has sworn to the constitution to protect the country from all enemies, both at home and abroad, and we should not accept what we know to be such blatant fraud … Hundreds of thousands of votes were rigged and we know they were rigged. I believe these servers will show it, and I believe he will show it. It will probably have to be done at the Supreme Court, since you have judges – like some judges who are trying to defend themselves when the fingers start pointing at people. “Well, I don’t know that, I don’t know,” they will use the Nuremberg trials (the trial of the Nazi leaders took place after WWII).

“Well, fear told me to do this.” They were like, “Well, President Obama knows what I’m doing because he tells me to do it,” or Vice President Biden. “Biden is the runner here. He told me to do it ”. They will point out (denounce) others. When people drive cars with tons of votes, some don’t even fold, and they get into those five or six states of the battlefield, they’re talking. They don’t want to be involved in the betrayal and so people will say its magnitude, and its core [the brains], because I think the president won overwhelmingly in this vote. . Well, I know he won massively, and they had to do these things, and they didn’t have the skills in the trade and what they were trying to do.

They try to match the ballots with the numbers they come up with and determine as needed, and do so in real time. They tried using digital and manual to try to fill out the ballots and then digital turned out easy …

Brannon Howse: It was Lieutenant General McInerney. Look up her bio yourself, as we don’t have enough time to mention her tonight. Lieutenant-General Thomas McInerney, see his biography. This is not an exaggeration.

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