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People who died from cardiac arrest were still hanged

Zahra Ismaili (left) stopped heart when watching 16 criminals being hanged one after another. Photo: Twitter.

Ismaili died of a cardiac arrest as she watched other inmates enter the execution grounds before her but her mother-in-law still wanted to see her daughter-in-law on the gallows within seconds.

Zahra Ismaili’s lawyer claims she killed her abusive husband Alireza Zamani as a defense to protect her children from violence. This Iranian woman was sentenced to death.

However, Ismaili died of a cardiac arrest when he watched other inmates enter the gallows area and were executed before him. However, lawyer Omid Moradi said the authorities still satisfy the wishes of the husband of Ismaili when they want to see her body hung up.

In a post on social media, Moradi said Ismaili’s body had been hung up so Zamani’s mother could see “her daughter-in-law executed on a gallows in seconds”.

The sentence was executed at Rajai Shahr Prison, a notoriously harsh prison in Karaj, a suburb outside the capital, Tehran.

Human rights activists have previously criticized the situation and condemned the way they treat Ismaili “really barbaric”.

Kasra Aarabi, an analyst at the Tony Blair Institute, said the incident “is too barbaric and world leaders need to speak up”.

Meanwhile Australian scholar Kylie Moore-Gilbert, who was recently released from prison in Iran, describes Ismaili’s death “horrible”.

Javaid Rehman, the United Nations reporter on the human rights situation in Iran, said in a recent announcement that 233 people were executed in the country in 2020, of which three prisoners were young. children at the time of criminal acts.

Ismaili witnessed 16 criminals being hanged before she had a heart attack in the gallows area.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has carried out several executions in recent weeks but it is considered “extreme” to execute 17 people at the same time.

Ismaili is one of three women who was hanged last week, bringing the total number of women executed to 114 since 2013.

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