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Phones are not only affecting the brain, mutating bones, but also controlling people

The negative effects of cell phones in today’s life are very serious. (Photo via ONT)

Mobile phone – a handy device can be said to be indispensable in today’s life. Things seem to have been smoother since the introduction of the smartphone. But recently, many scientists have studies showing that, in addition to affecting the brain, smartphones also deform human bones – a warning sign.

The smartphone is not just a simple object, it dominates, even has all the activities including our trips, eating, studying, working, …, without exaggerating when speaking. This for many young people around 25 years old who say without a cell phone their daily life will be difficult to continue. Since cell phones tightly control the lives of young people, scientists are also concerned about the health problems caused by cell phones.

A very hot topic in recent press speeches concerns the irreversible impact of cell phones and tablets on our bodies. Over the past few years, David Shahar and Mark Sears of Light Coast University, Australia, have conducted extensive research and discussion on this issue. These two scientists study biomechanics, that is, focusing on the mechanical laws of living organisms, such as how humans work, how insects move their wings, etc.

In addition, they also have an in-depth understanding of human bones. The bones of the human body are one of the most important organs for moving, supporting and protecting us. Two scientists believe that each person’s bones are unique, it’s like a journal, recording each person’s growth and life.

In 1924, larger skeletons were found on a small island in the Pacific, these remains with long legs and long arms, many scientists believe, it is because of this person, still alive, used heavy stone tools, his living situation also led to the development of the bones of his arms and legs longer than normal. David and Mark said modern technology is silently deforming the bones of young people.

The two of them collected a large number of x-ray samples, from 18 to 86 years old since 2016, they finally found that young people with POE are particularly severe. The scientific name for the EOP is the extra occipital protuberance, which is the protrusion of the occipital bone – that occipital part that we often call the “posterior nape”, so this EOP is the protrusion from the back of the neck. In fact, the human occipital bone is connected with the ligament of the neck, which is especially important for the movements of the head, it connects the muscles of the neck and the scalp.

Initially, they gave these patients x-rays because these people had neck pain. They then speculate that young people often have problems with POE and neck pain, possibly related to their long-term use of cellphones and tablets.

phone addiction

People are too dependent on phones. (Photo via Reddit)

Because when using these devices, instinctively the neck will extend forward or bend the head down, this will increase and invisibly prolong the elongation of the ligaments in the neck, ultimately causing the occipital bone at the level of the head, the other more and more protruding. According to 2016 data, men generally have more POE than women, and the figure for 2018 has been multiplied by 5.

David and Mark described the EOP as a degrading human process, and this situation could become more serious in the future. It can even cause future human finger problems, like arthritis of the thumb and carpal tunnel syndrome of the middle finger. This carpal tunnel syndrome, also called “mouse hand”, refers to a condition in which the median nerve is compressed by the carpal tunnel through the wrist.

The main symptoms are pain, numbness, tingling, etc. These discomforts can extend to the arm. Ultimately, this can adversely affect the patient’s grip and atrophy the muscles behind the thumb, which is the muscle of the thumb.

Although this is the first time that scientific researchers have confirmed that modern equipment directly threatens human health, there are more and more signs that technology is secretly transforming the body and our original perfect living environment. regards.

Outside, science and technology are changing and destroying more and more nature, white pollution, toxic gases, changing water quality … air pollution, soil destruction, hindering the development of real life.

Inside, modern technology has woven into a giant virtual world, and the popularity of the Internet has provided new means of communication and entertainment, making young people more and more “at home”. If you turn off cell phones, computers, and other communication devices, people will feel out of place with the outside society.

In fact, looking back, we will be surprised by the phone’s too deep interference in normal and traditional human life.

Is all of humanity under the control of technology? Most people were so in love with them that the mind was crazy, it was like some kind of magical power.

In a certain sense, humanity is gradually being controlled in a global way. Smartphones and smart devices destroy people’s ability to think independently, their normal social ability to communicate.

They keep parents busy at work, even entertainment can not let go of their hand, so much so that they forget to talk to their newborn, retard the child with language development, which is a few years old. At first he couldn’t speak, but maybe no one noticed him.

They also make students addicted to video games, exposed to bad things in society,…. to the point of forgetting to study homework, wasting a lot of time and health.

Many people stay awake all night without sleeping just looking at the device. Over time, they cause so much harm hidden behind the so-called convenience and utility. For example, children cannot communicate with their parents, human eyesight becomes poor, mentally drowsy, declining.

All current human activities such as eating, working, studying, traveling, going to the bathroom, going to bed, even patients with health problems – still on treatment, still hold the phone in hand, … All of this is worth worth thinking about. about. Man slowly gets lost, far from tradition.

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