Picture “bad crazy island “unexpectedly defeated all heavyweight opponents, grabbed the championship in the dog drawing contest

The work won first place (Photo: Lag / Animal World).

The painting of a “crazy bad” dog that was drawn to play in a stressful time suddenly won, surprising even the author!

This photo immediately caused a big wave of controversy within the contest. Many viewers frankly said that this painting could not compete with the other artists. But there are also people who think that the meaning of art is not just beautiful and realistic.

And whether the drawing is worthy of the top spot or not, its simplicity and fun has attracted the attention of many people, with the towering number of likes and shares on social media!

Miss Jay’s first prize and the second prize

Jay Cartner is a longtime painter and capable enough to paint more intricate things. But she decided to take a few minutes to sketch her dog in goofy poses. These little doodles made Jay happy again, and after sharing the picture on Facebook she also made the feed laugh with her. Her family members and friends encouraged her to give it a try to the Organizing Committee.

Think kamgaroo

It is known that the main character in the painting is Stanley, one of the three dogs that Jay’s family is raising. It was 8 years old and adopted 6 years ago. As revealed by the author, he loves cookies and hates exercising. Stanley was born to lie on a chair all day;

“In fact, it can be reincarnated into a potato in the next life,” said Jay.

Brush strokes simple humor of the Miss Jay

It seems that the best things in life start from simplicity and come by the sense of humor, fun!

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