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President Biden sent 5,000 troops to Afghanistan, blaming Trump for making the Taliban stronger

President Joe Biden on Saturday (August 14, US time) announced the deployment of 5,000 troops to Afghanistan, and blamed former President Donald Trump for helping the Taliban strengthen.

On August 14, President Biden issued a statement from the White House blaming his decision to send US troops to Afghanistan to fight the Taliban’s rapid advance on the policies of the former president. Donald Trump.

Biden said in the statement that he would send 1,000 more US troops to Afghanistan to add to the 1,000 US troops already in the South Asian country and the 3,000 US troops he announced last week would be sending to Afghanistan to help with the evacuation. American. Thus, the total US troops present in Afghanistan will be 5,000 troops.

The sitting US president said the move was necessary after he inherited a fragile situation from the previous administration. Mr. Biden said that Trump’s signing of the agreement with the Taliban in 2019 helped the force gain a strong military position. The Democratic president also criticized Trump’s decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan.

“When I entered office, I inherited an agreement signed by my predecessor, in 2019, he invited the Taliban to Camp David for a meeting just before the 9/11 anniversary, which helped gave the Taliban the strongest military standing since 2001 and he set a deadline to withdraw US troops on May 1, 2021. Just before he left office, he also reduced the US troop presence in Afghanistan to a very low 2,500,” Biden said in the statement.

Mr. Biden said that when he took office he was forced to choose between deciding to honor the deal with the Taliban that Mr. Trump signed or would increase the presence of US troops in Afghanistan.

“When I became President, I was faced with a choice: stick with the deal [with the Taliban] or increase our presence [in Afghanistan], send in more American troops to continue fighting in the a civil conflict,” Biden wrote in the statement.

Despite the decision to send more troops, Mr. Biden said he was determined to end the war in Afghanistan, saying: “I am the fourth [US] President to command an American military presence in Afghanistan, consisting of two Republican President and 2 Democratic Presidents. I do not want and will not forward this war to a fifth president.”

Former President Trump has also voiced criticism of President Biden’s decisions on Afghanistan, saying the incumbent US president is weak and unable to show strength before the Taliban leaders.

Trump on August 13 issued a statement saying that while in office he “had direct discussions with the leaders of the Taliban, through which they understood that what they are doing now will not be accepted”.

“I would certainly have made the withdrawal with more difference and success, and the Taliban understood that better than anyone,” Trump continued.

Former President George W. Bush has also voiced criticism of the Biden administration’s Afghanistan policies.

“I’m concerned that the women and girls in Afghanistan will suffer enormous damage” after American troops left Afghanistan, the former Republican president said last month. “It’s unbelievable how that society has changed from the brutality of the Taliban.”

Retired Army General David Petraeus also called the situation in Afghanistan “a huge national security setback”.

“Those who made that decision must be held accountable for it and its consequences,” Petraeus told WABC radio about Biden’s plan to withdraw US troops. He added that the situation in Afghanistan was “tragic and regrettable”.

As of August 14, the Taliban had captured more than 10 capitals, including Afghanistan’s second and third largest cities, only about 30 miles from the capital, Kabul. The latest city to fall to the Taliban is Mazar-i-Sharif, Afghanistan’s key commercial hub.

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