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President Biden set ‘record’ signing 33 decrees a week

Mr. Joe Biden (photo: Reuters).

New President Joe Biden has set a “record” signing 33 executive orders in just one week. These include 12 executive orders that directly reverse President Trump’s core policies.

CNN reported that Mr. Biden “issued [a total of] 33 executive orders, actions, statements, memos and agency guidelines” within the first six days of his inauguration.

As such, so far Mr Biden has signed more executive orders than the previous four presidents combined. In the first few weeks of his inauguration, Mr. Trump signed four executive orders, Mr. Obama signed five executive orders, Mr. George W. Bush signed none, and Mr. Bill Clinton signed one.

Infowar summarized some of Mr. Biden’s main executive orders:

Join and fund the World Health Organization (WHO)
Join the Paris Agreement against climate change
Revoke Keystone XL Pipeline Licenses, Suspend Oil & Gas Drilling Licenses and New Federal Land Lease Within 60 Days
Allow transgender people to join the military
Extension of the stay of eviction and seizure
Freezing student debt
Stop building border walls
Launch initiative to promote racial equality, end Mr. Trump’s 1776 Committee for the Promotion of Patriotic Education
Revoke executive order to exclude illegal immigrants from President Trump’s census
Masks must wear / maintain interruptions at federal facilities
Request to wear a mask at the airport and other means of transport
End travel ban in certain Muslim countries
Prevent discrimination in the workplace based on sexual orientation or gender identity

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