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President Joe Biden to Philadelphia to condemn the Republican Party’s suppression of the election; Trump said the President came to stop the recount

President Joe Biden on Tuesday (July 13, US time) made a surprise trip to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to lecture on how the Republican Party is suppressing the right to vote. Former President Trump said that Biden rushed to Philadelphia to prevent the 2020 election inspection.

Addressing supporters in the City of Philadelphia, President Joe Biden strongly criticized election reform laws in Republican-controlled states, especially Georgia and Texas election laws, he said. those were “extremely discriminatory” election laws, but offered no evidence to support his allegation.

Mr. Biden said the election reform law that the Republican-dominated Texas congress is pushing to pass “allows election observers to bully voters and expose disinterested election workers to the situation.” jeopardy”.

He thinks the new election law will make it difficult and inconvenient for people to participate in the election and Republicans hope people will find it difficult not to vote. He likened the election laws being passed by 17 Republican-controlled states to “the Jim Crow attack of the 21st century.”

Mr. Biden also accused Republicans of sabotaging the election, attacking not just people of color but all walks of life. “Those who don’t vote for them will be attacked by them,” Biden said.

“The attack on free and fair elections is a real threat. Like I said before. We are facing a significant test of our freedom since the Civil War,” Biden said.

Meanwhile, also on July 13, through the Political Action Committee to Save America, Trump issued a strong statement criticizing Biden and the Democrats’ efforts to block election inspectors.

“Joe Biden is going to Pennsylvania today in haste to stop an election audit that the Republican-controlled Pennsylvania Senate is in the process of. Philadelphia is a cesspool of corruption and this will soon be revealed through an inspection. If it’s the most honest election, why are they so worried that a President who never goes anywhere rushes into the beautiful Air Force One and heads to Philadelphia?” Mr. Trump said.

“Why not let the inspection go and make everyone, on both sides, happy? The result will still be the result. But they know it’s not the most honest election, Philadelphia is one of the most corrupt cities in the country and so are Detroit, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, Oakland and Baltimore. The corruption has been going on for years, but in the 2020 Presidential Hoax, with ballots by mail and the use of COVID to cheat, the corruption has increased to new levels,” Trump said. continue.

“Let the election inspection take place, Joe. Don’t resist it. Show them how honest it is,” Trump concluded.

Mr. Trump then issued a short statement about Mr. Biden recognizing the 2020 election as having 150 million votes.

“Biden just said 150 people voted in the 2020 Presidential Election (Scam!). Presumably he meant 150 million people [voted], and based on the fact that I got 75+++ million votes, that means Mr. Biden got 75 million votes, which is This is less than the 6 million votes they said they won. So what is all this about? Are they accepting the loss of 6 million votes?” Mr. Trump announced.

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