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President Trump accused Big Tech of controlling free speech, saying it was the beginning of Communism

President Donald Trump on Dec. 25 reiterated his concerns about Big Tech’s manipulation, a day after he vetoed a defense spending bill against Congress’s failure to remove liability protections. for Silicon Valley media companies.

Twitter is going crazy with “flagging alerts”, trying to block out information even if it is true. It shows how dangerous they are, intentionally stifling their right to free speech. Very dangerous for our country. Did Congress know that this was how Communism had started? President Trump said Thursday evening in a message on Twitter.

“[They] were destroying culture at the worst rate. It’s time to end section 230! “Confirmed President Trump.

President Trump and his administration have repeatedly stressed the risks of biased control over user content on media platforms, saying these companies try to limit opinions. conservative (traditional) and discourages freedom of expression. The President and the Justice Department urged Congress to remove Section 230 protections from the 1996 Media Standards Act against companies involved in controlling information or carrying out political activities.

Section 230 disclaims most of the responsibility of online platforms for content posted by users, regardless of whether they may be held liable for content that violates intellectual property laws or is anti-trafficking. sex.

Section 230 allows businesses to block or filter “good faith” content if they deem it “obscene, obscene, pornographic, dirty, overly violent, harassing or objectionable.”

Before and after the November general election, Twitter tightened control over President Trump’s posts and other users over allegations of voter fraud. In the November 12 update, the company said it tagged, warned and imposed other restrictions on around 300,000 messages between October 27 and November 11. This represents about 0.2% of all election-related positions in the United States posted during that time period.

A series of messages from President Trump alleging voter fraud came with a warning: “This statement on voter fraud is still in dispute.” For example, Twitter tagged President Trump’s November 22 post that read, “In some states that fluctuate, there are more votes than the number of people voting and in large numbers.” Doesn’t it really matter? Stop supervisors from counting votes, voting for fake people, fake ballots and more. The behavior is very serious. We win! “

The media giant also tagged under a number of posts the words “Election officials have confirmed Joe Biden as the winner of the US presidential election,” despite numerous anti-legal challenges. Election results in 2020, some of which have been submitted to the Supreme Court but have not been resolved.

President Trump has vetoed the Defense Expenditure Bill, the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for many reasons, including the non-repeal of Section 230. He also sees this bill as a “gift” to the Party. Communist China and Russia.

“Unfortunately, the law does not cover important national security measures, includes many articles that do not respect our veterans and our military history, and contradict the efforts of the government. My goal is to put America at the forefront of foreign policy and national security actions, ”President Trump said on 12/23.

The Department of Justice has also actively encouraged lawmakers to consider amending what they call “outdated” law. They launched a series of proposals earlier this year to limit legal protections for online platforms that require tech companies to manage illegal content and manage content. other responsibly.

The ministry also urged lawmakers to consider a proposal to repeal Section 230 as Twitter begins to block a series of New York Post disclosures about business transactions by Hunter Biden, the presidential candidate’s son. Democrat Joe Biden.

Assistant Attorney General Stephen E. Boyd wrote in a letter obtained by the media: “The major online platforms today are far more powerful than the information and opinions that exist for people. Americans. Therefore, it is important for them to be honest and transparent with the users about how they are using this power. And when they don’t, it’s important that they take responsibility

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