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President Trump changed the world

Renowned pastor Franklin Graham has expressed his strong support for President Trump. The Protestant pastor heads the White House over staff decisions, foreign policy, economic incentives and a commitment to religious freedom, according to the BL.

Through a post on his Facebook page on October 26, the famous priest saluted President Trump’s legacy during his first four years in the White House.

“President Trump has changed the world even though he did not win the next election,” wrote Pastor Graham.

Graham endorsed President Trump’s decision to appoint nearly 200 federal judges and three judges to uphold cultural traditions to the Supreme Court.

“These actions alone will impact not only my generation but also the lives of my children and grandchildren,” the audience revered person shared more than 49,000 times in the post.

Graham also praised President Trump’s historic intervention to achieve peace in the Middle East, the concrete realization being that Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain have sat down and obtained the normal pact. chemistry of relationships.

“It’s unprecedented. Any other president could [have] won the Nobel Peace Prize for that and he should have [the prize], ”Graham said.

In addition to praising President Trump for being tough on Communist regimes in Korea and China, Graham noted that “at the same time, [Trump] has acted with the political swamp in Washington which has colluded [with Russia ] and dismissed him ”.

Graham argued that although the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic has affected economic performance, many Americans are better off today than they were four years ago.

Graham’s comments are consistent with the results of a recent Gallup poll, 56% of Americans polled said they were in a better position now than in 2016.

The pastor explained that improvements in well-being in American society under Trump were fueled by historic decisions to cut taxes as well as those that helped America achieve energy independence.

Graham also mentioned how the Trump administration protected belief and religious freedom during his presidency.

“President Trump has championed religious freedom for America and around the world,” he said.

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