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Prime Minister of Australia: Do not sacrifice values to restore relations with China

On Wednesday, Prime Minister Morrison reiterated that while the Australian Government hopes to maintain a positive relationship with China, Australian values will never be sacrificed. .

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison (Image: Eesan1969 / Wikimedia)

Australia has been repeatedly criticized by the CCP for publicly speaking out about human rights in Xinjiang and democracy in Hong Kong. At a press conference on April 7, a reporter asked Mr. Morrison how he assessed relations with China and if he was optimistic about the resumption of ministerial dialogue.

Mr. Morrison replied: “We hope to maintain a positive relationship (with China). But establishing such a positive relationship needs to be in line with Australian national values ​​and character. It will never be something we will give in to the sake of a relationship. I think this is very important and the Australians are also very supportive of this view.

“We will continue this nationally-tailored approach. We will continue to work with other countries around the world to build a free and open Indo-Pacific. This is our goal and we think it’s good for Australia. We think this will benefit all countries in the region. “

“We hope to see the establishment of positive relationships among great powers have an effect on our region. But in the same way, those relationships cannot be achieved in a less free and less open Indo-Pacific. So our goal here is very clear. Yes, we very much hope to work with China to achieve these goals, as we have always said, so we will continue to work hard on this goal.

Since Australia openly called for an independent investigation of the origin of the new corona virus, the CCP has launched a series of commercial attacks against Australia, including imposing various restrictions in succession, The inclusion of high tariffs on Australian exports to China worth 20 billion AUD has caused relations between the two countries several times to deteriorate, and high-level government dialogues have ceased.

On March 25, Australian Ambassador to China, Mr. Graham Fletcher, said that the CCP’s economic retaliation against Australia proves that Beijing is a “resentful” and “unworthy” trading partner. but the results of these retaliation actions have not achieved the desired results, many countries are supporting Australia.

Previously, Japan’s Ambassador to Australia, Mr. Shingo Yamagami, said Japan was ready to help Australia get rid of its dependence on the Chinese market; The Indian government is also planning to import more Australian catches.

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