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Republican congressman calls for impeachment of President Biden over border crisis

Representative Chip Roy (Republican, Texas) on Monday (August 2), called on the federal Congress to impeach President Joe Biden and Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas on the grounds of the border crisis. The world has gotten worse under the Biden administration.

Mr. Roy tweeted on August 2 about preliminary data on the southern border situation for July and he also noted that this figure is subject to change.

“Total number of immigrants caught: 205,029. This is the highest number of immigrants caught in a single month since 2000. So far in fiscal year 2021, 1.3 million immigrants have been caught,” Mr. Roy wrote on Twitter.

If the figures released by Congressman Chip Roy are accurate, it would be the highest number of migrants caught in a single month since the Department of Homeland Security compiled the figures in 2002. .

A Washington Post reporter later tweeted confirming the border figures Roy had posted earlier.

Congressman Chip Roy called for Biden’s impeachment by expressing his agreement with a retweet of a statement by political commentator Jesse Kelly.

“What Joe Biden is doing about our border is deserving of impeachment,” Kelly wrote. This case deserves more impeachment than the Watergate case. This is an attack on American sovereignty and it comes from the Oval Office. Republicans should proceed with impeachment [Biden] after 2022.”

Mr. Roy retweeted political commentator Kelly’s statement with the comment: “Co-sponsor. Impeach Biden. Impeaching Mayorkas”.

The Daily Wire then contacted Mr. Roy and received an explanation from the congressman representing Texas about the reasons for calling for impeachment of Mr. Biden and Mr. Mayorkas as follows: “Over the past few months, President Biden and the Department Mayorkas has repeatedly blatantly refused to discharge their responsibility to ensure that border laws are implemented exactly as required in Article II. [Their failure to fulfill their responsibilities] is putting the lives of countless Americans and foreigners in jeopardy.”

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