Rescue a 21-month-old baby after 2 nights missing in the forest

A 21-month-old baby was found unexpectedly healthy after being lost for two nights in the woods near her home in Tuscany (Italy). The baby only has a small bump on his head, a little scratch on his hands and feet, and his body is completely normal.

The incident happened to the boy Nicola Tanturli, 21 months old living in Tuscany. On the night of June 21, after leaving his isolated home in the Apennine Mountains, young Nicola Tanturli was reported missing by his family. Italian media channels immediately reported on the search for the boy’s whereabouts, according to the AP.

On June 23, during the reporting of the incident, a reporter from state television station RAI discovered the boy in the woods about 2 km from his home.

At the time, reporter Giuseppe Di Tommaso was walking down a dirt road towards the boy’s house when he heard a sob coming from a tree-covered ravine.

“I started shouting ‘Nicola’ to determine if it was really the baby. I even heard the call ‘mama’ (mamma). Then I started repeating the word ‘mamma’ because children of that age always repeat what others say. My intuition told me it was Nicola, so I went down the ravine,” he said.

Mr Tommaso said he could see the boy 10 meters away in a wooded, thorny area. At that moment a car belonging to the paramilitary Carabinieri officers passed by, so he told them about the sound he heard. At first, the two officers did not believe it was the boy’s voice because the forest was full of animals that made sounds similar to a child.

The commander of the Carabinieri, Danilo Ciccarelli, climbed down the 25m ravine himself, but in his heart he thought what the reporter saw was just a small deer. “But Nicola showed up. I saw her little head in the tall grass. She called ‘mom’ and hugged me immediately when I walked towards her,” the commander said.

After examining Nicola’s condition, he confirmed the baby had only minor scratches and a small bump on the head. He lifted the baby up from the ravine and brought him back to reunite with his parents.

He assumes that Nicola did not spend the night in the same place where the boy was found, but he went through the forest to get there, as evidenced by the surrounding bushes not being crushed.

“I am extremely happy to be able to bring him back to his mother’s arms,” said commander Ciccarelli.

The church in the town of Palazzuolo sul Senio rang a congratulatory bell when the boy was found.

“Nicola is a very active child, very active. I can go 1km per hour. We don’t know how far you can go. I’m used to getting out of the house and being outdoors,” Mayor Gian Piero Philip Moschetti said at a press conference.

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