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Returning after the California fire, the homeowner discovered a family member still waiting for him to return

Again a proof that dogs are always the most loyal to humans.

Returning after the California fire, the couple was surprised to find their dog still waiting for the owner at the gate

The recent tragedy of wildfires in California, USA has caused a lot of damage to people and property, but in the tribulation, there are always stories going on here that make the whole world feel warm. One of them is the story of the family of Andrea Gaylords and their magical reunion with their dog.

Specifically, according to a post on the Facebook page of the animal protection organization K9 Paw Print Rescue, Andrea Gaylord and her family had to flee Paradise town for about a month, because of the fire. fierce, however, because she was in such a hurry, she could not bring her two dogs named Madison and Miguel.

Very quickly, she turned to the help of K9 Paw Print Rescue to find them. However, after a period of work, they only found Miguel and no Madison.

It seemed like she had run out of hope to see her beloved dog again after more than a month as a refugee, but when she returned to her old place which was burned down, Mrs. Gaylord was surprised by the image of Madison still waiting for her home On the grounds in front of the old house, it was as if the dog was still on duty (even though it had been burnt out) and waited for the owner to return.

The story immediately touched the internet, appeared on many major information pages, and the Facebook post of K9 Paw Print Rescue attracted more than 23,000 likes, 1,500 comments and nearly 15,000 shares. shall.

The story of the reunion between Mrs. Andrea Gaylord is touching all netizens

Shayla Sullivan, an employee at K9, said she discovered Madison a few times but could not take this dog and bring it back to safety, after that, Sullivan left the food and water clean and hoped to one day. Someone might catch Madison.

Sharing about the miraculous reunion, Sullivan said: “I am extremely happy and I shed tears when writing these lines. The dog did not give up during the disaster! A month is really a time long time with it “.

And Mrs. Andrea Gaylord also emotionally said of Madison: “Imagine the dog is still waiting here, in the worst of circumstances, but still loyal. It is very emotional.”

Currently the forest fire “Camp Fire” starting on November 8 was officially extinguished on December 6, after a period of 1 month, it was swept and destroyed on an area of ​​more than 607,000 land. .000 m2. With reunification stories such as the case of Andrea Gaylord’s family, hope people in California will get through this disaster soon.

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