San Francisco: 139 year old house moving on the street

Recently, the relocation of the entire 139 year old Victorian house in San Francisco has attracted the attention of many people. (Photo: Video screen capture)

In the United States, you will rarely see a big house moving on the street. But this rare sight appeared on the streets of San Francisco on February 21. An old house with a history of 139 years was moved to a new address, the sight was spectacular, attracting many people to watch and take pictures.

Those familiar with the San Francisco City Hall area must have seen a pale blue Victorian two-story house on Franklin Avenue, the ‘main character’ in this transition.

Early on the morning of February 21, many people went to 807 Franklin Avenue, San Francisco to follow this bizarre event. After being lifted up, the house was attached to a giant forklift. The convoy cut trees to open the way. Finally, a few hours later, the house was moved to a new address six blocks away.

During the relocation, this giant 6-bedroom, 3-bathroom house moved at a speed of 1.6 km / h. During that time, it had to go through ramps and curves. Engineers had to remove some roadside signs, prune a laurel tree, so that the house could pass smoothly.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, to get permission for all this and countless other things, the owner of this house and Mr. Tim Brown, the San Francisco broker, had to spend approximately $ 200,000 (equivalent). equivalent to 4.6 billion VND) and an additional 200,000 USD to hire a moving team. Total relocation cost is 400,000 USD

It is known that this is the first time a house has been relocated in San Francisco in 50 years, so a lot of people hold cell phones to record this moment.

This historic old house, like many other Victorian homes in San Francisco, is still a calling card in the city. Phil Joy, a senior moving engineer, said the reason the house was not directly demolished is because of its historical significance, such as the use of very primitive lumber which has an 800-year history. He describes that it is now impossible to find such wood to build houses.

On vacant land after the house has been moved, an 8-storey, 48-room apartment complex will be built.

In the United States, such a displaced house has no foundation, much less a basement. In fact, not all houses are loaded into cars and travel on the road, while others have to go through water after being loaded into cars.

In addition, not only the wooden structures of poor families must be completely removed, but even slightly better brick houses can be completely removed. I don’t know how much it will cost to move out, is it cheaper than building a new house or not?

Usually, companies moving to the United States are expensive and time-limited. If it exceeds 3 hours, you will be charged additional costs. You can pack your bags at home and let the transfer company come around. Most ordinary people rent a car and get around on their own. Basically, with a general driver’s license, they can rent a container truck from the dealership, drive from the dealership to the designated location at the scheduled time.

Because workers in the United States are expensive, many Americans have made a habit of doing it themselves. Some “more profitable” people even paint and repair their roofs at home. If you have the chance to visit the garage of a regular American home, you will find that they are filled with tools, power drills, lawn mowers, and more. Basically, American men can do some of the carpentry job.

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