Save the life of a child buried in rubble for 3 days during an earthquake in Turkey

When firefighter Muammer Celik found a 3-year-old girl trapped for three days under the rubble during a deadly earthquake in a Turkish coastal town, her heart sank. The little girl was still, covered in dust, he thought the child was dead and asked his colleague to hand him his body bag, but when Celik wiped his face, the child opened his eyes and grabbed his thumb.

Celik of the Istanbul Fire Department’s search and rescue team told The Associated Press, recounting the activity on Monday, 65 hours after the earthquake, killing at least 94 people in Turkey and Greece.

It was one of the most difficult rescues for the rescue team. Before that, they also saved the life of a 14-year-old boy who was buried in the rubble for almost 3 days. Viewers were delighted to burst into tears upon seeing his magical “rebirth”.

The United States Geological Survey assessed the earthquake as 7.0 magnitude. Many buildings have completely turned into ruins in Turkey.

Photos of the rescue team trying to rescue victims from the rubble (photo taken by Theepochtimes).

Celik, the firefighter, said he found Elif Perincek (his name) lying on his back between the bed and the wardrobe in a space just big enough for her.

“At first seeing you made me very sad,” he says. “Then I reached out to wipe her face and she took my thumb… I was amazed because just before that moment I asked my team for a blanket and a body bag.” “.

He added: “This is a firefighter’s happiest moment.”

The child was trapped for almost 3 days and became the 106th person to be rescued from the rubble. The mother and two sisters – 10-year-old twins – were rescued two days earlier. However, my 6 year old brother did not survive.

Video released by HaberTurk TV station shows Elif holding a doll and waving for the camera from a hospital bed, with a slightly swollen eye.

Officials said 147 people who survived the earthquake were still in hospital and three of them were in serious condition.

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