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Sen. Hawley said of the US-China meeting: Beijing believes it can bully the Biden administration

After Chinese diplomats preached to their American counterparts on human rights and democracy at the opening session of the US-China meeting on March 18, Republican Senator Josh Hawley of Missouri stated that China The Communists are confident they can bully US President Joe Biden’s subordinates.

Mr Hawley commented on the tweet with Jordan Schneider, China analyst at Rhodium Group.

Mr Jordan wrote: It’s crazy that Chinese officials have been almost silent when dealing with the Trump administration, but on your first contact with the Biden suite you think the Chinese side will want to make a mark. The statue was kind to Biden. , but they decided to conduct Self-Dog diplomacy to impress Mr. Xi Jinping.

The American-Chinese talks took place from March 18 to 19, divided into 3 periods of afternoon, evening and the next day. In the opening talks on the afternoon of March 18, as scheduled, the U.S. and Chinese delegates will have a 2-minute opening speech, then the media will come out and the two sides will hold a closed-door meeting.

First, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken gave a simple two-minute speech, referring to the US side’s attention to the CCP’s actions. He said: We will also discuss our deep concerns about China’s behavior, including the issue of Xinjiang, Hong Kong, the Taiwan issue, cyber attacks against the United States, and economic threats to our ally.

After National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan criticized the Chinese side for threatening to present core values ​​for more than 2 minutes, CPC Politburo member Yang Jeethe gave a speech lasting more than 16 minutes.

Mr. Yang said: Xinjiang, Tibet and Taiwan are all part of China’s inseparable territory, we strongly oppose US intervention in China’s internal affairs.

Before that, Mr. Blinken said: These CCP actions threaten the maintenance of world stability and a rules-based order, it is not only an internal problem. Duong Khiet Tri replied angrily: What we obey is not the rules-based international order promoted by a few countries.

Faced with criticism from the American side, Duong did not give in, saying the United States must run American affairs well and improve its own human rights. China will not accept unreasonable criticism from the American side … America does not represent international public opinion. Western public opinion is not considered international opinion in terms of quantity or global trends. Think about it in your heart if you are sure. Because you don’t represent international opinion, you can only represent the US government, Duong said.

In the end, Mr. Duong Khiet Tri directly cleared his throat and said America was unable to stand up and look down and teach China. We think it’s too good for you, we think you will respect basic diplomacy, now I say a sentence, you are not able to say in front of China that you come from power to talk to China.

Mr. Duong Khiet Tri finished his speech and asked Foreign Minister Vuong Nghi to continue. At that moment, Mr. Vuong Nghi recalled whether to translate or not, Mr. Duong said he still needed an interpreter? After that, the Chinese side also completed the translation of what Mr. Yang said. Next, Mr. Wang Yi gave a brief introduction, criticizing the US side for imposing sanctions on the CCP only for the punishment of 24 Hong Kong officials just before the day of the meeting: It is not morality to deal with. the guests as often. Is this the decision the United States has taken to try to gain some advantage in contact with China ?, Wang asked. Of course, this is a miscalculation, which only reflects the weaknesses and weaknesses within the United States, which will not undermine China’s position or resolve on these issues.

The US Secretary of State, apparently angry at the expression on the Chinese side, specifically invited reporters to stay, documenting his difficult responses. Mr Blinken said the impression in his talks with leaders of other countries and the trip to Japan and Korea that just ended is completely different from China’s stance. They are very happy with America’s return, we also hear deep concerns about some of the actions of the Chinese government … I remember when President Biden was still Vice President, we visited China, to the ‘time. of financial turmoil, there were many discussions, including Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping at the time. Then Vice President Biden said don’t think about going against the United States, it’s still the same now

Also on March 19, Republican Senator Ben Sasse said: I have many policy differences with the Biden administration, but every American should unite against tyrants in Beijing.

Republican Rep. Paul Gosar tweeted criticizing that this was the result of Biden’s last American America Last foreign policy, which clearly showed the weakness of the Biden administration.

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