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Senator Graham: If the Wuhan lab leak theory is proven, Mr. Trump will be re-elected in 2020

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham (South Carolina) on Thursday (June 10, US time) made the comment that former President Donald Trump would have won the 2020 election if the investigations The origin of COVID-19 and the corona virus theory leaked from a laboratory in Wuhan, China have not been politicized.

“If COVID-19 had happened because of a Chinese lab leak, then the first question on American voters’ minds in the 2020 election would be who would antagonize China. Which presidential candidate will hold China accountable for spreading the COVID-19 epidemic to the world? Graham wrote in a commentary published on Fox News.

Mr. Graham argued that the confirmation of the laboratory leak hypothesis would lead to “Americans wanting to demand a tougher stance against the Chinese communist regime and will seek a new Commander-in-Chief.” lead this mission” and “I have no doubt that this will give President Trump more advantage than [Mr] Joe Biden.”

Mr. Trump early on in the health pandemic began saying that COVID-19 “came from China” and that he sometimes referred to COVID-19 as the “Chinese virus”, noting that the virus had emerged recently. lab in Wuhan like.

And, according to Mr. Graham, “instead of corroborating President Trump’s concerns, the early rebuttal by scientists created a negative narrative that President Trump was spreading right-wing conspiracy theories.” ” and the mainstream media were really happy to spread this negative story because they already had a huge dislike for Mr.

President Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic has been the subject of intense scrutiny and controversy throughout the 2020 election campaign. The media outlets are constantly highlighting the number of new infections and deaths from COVID every day. -19 in the US.

In an interview on Fox News on Wednesday (June 9,), Senator Graham said: “If from February 2020 everyone knew that Mr. Trump was right [about the COVID theory leaked from the lab. experience in Wuhan], I think he’s president now.”

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