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Senator Johnson: Biden is not ready to challenge China ‘America’s greatest threat’

On Friday (April 16), Senator Ron Johnson said that Joe Biden is being challenged by both China and Russia. Though he always hoped Mr. Biden was ready to challenge the Beijing regime, the Wisconsin Republican still feels skeptical, especially when it comes to the connection between the president’s son and China. 

“[China is] our greatest threat,” Johnson said on Fox News’s “America Reports” program, pointing out that former President Donald Trump was well aware of that, while he was in the past. Biden just stopped at expressing doubts.

“This is the world’s second largest economy and also my concern, really my concern as we are investigating,” added the senator. “Regarding the problems in Hunter Biden’s foreign deals, we have not cleared up all of them. We have no clue as to what China may know about Joe Biden’s work or Hunter Biden’s work. ”

“They may be using it as a blackmail case, and that could affect our foreign policy in our relationship with China. So, unfortunately President Biden was elected and we get caught up in these problems… ”

Meanwhile, the White House needs to take a hard stance with China, in the context of the Communist government wants to take over Taiwan, Sen. Johnson said.

“We need to show strength in terms of freedom of navigation, not just in the South China Sea and Pacific Ocean, but also in the Black Sea in front of the Thai moves Russia is doing in Ukraine,” he said. We need to make sure we maintain a mighty army, and I believe that you [Biden] can achieve peace through strength. That’s what Mr. Trump has achieved over the past four years. I think it will benefit the United States. ”

Johnson’s comments come as the US military warns that China is speeding up actions to gain control of Taiwan, a democratic island seen as the possible cause of a war between America and China.

Recently, China has become more and more aggressive with Taiwan, increasing sovereignty disputes in the South China Sea, while clearly demonstrating a fierce confrontation with the United States, bluntly criticizing Foreign Minister Antony Blinken in talks last month in Alaska.

As a result, the Biden Administration may also be forced to choose between abandoning Taiwan, or risking a large-scale war with China, even though the United States has committed to helping the island defend itself for years.

In this regard, Mr. Johnson noted, there is no delusion of China and its actions. “A few decades ago, when we allowed China to join the World Trade Organization, we all hoped for the best,” he said. We truly believe that as China becomes more prosperous, its people will want more good things, towards more freedom and democracy. “

But that didn’t happen, Mr. Johnson continued. “There cannot be any delusions at this point. They have violated enough human rights issues with the Uighurs. Really a bad agent. We need to treat them that way. ”

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