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Senator Rubio’s chilling warning: The CCP has weaponized American business greedy to fight America

Senator Marco Rubio (Republican, Florida), during a hearing on Wednesday (August 4) in the federal Senate on the topic “China’s Extended Arm”, issued a strong warning. strongly believe that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is weaponizing America’s own “mermaid enterprises” against the US.

During a Senate Intelligence Committee hearing, Senator Rubio as Vice Chairman of the Committee said that “it is time to wake up” and learn about the dependence of American businesses on the CCP.

“American businesses need access to the Chinese market so badly that they will lead disastrous boycotts in a certain state in the US if that state passes a bill they don’t like,” Rubio said. . “American companies actually fired Americans living in the US because they said and wrote something that China didn’t like.”

Mr. Rubio pointed to many examples where American businesses have laid off employees, removed some clothing items from US store shelves, and severed partnerships with other US businesses because of their health. pressure from the CCP.

The Florida senator has also warned that China’s threat to US interests has gone beyond corporate control and has reached “the largest illegal transfer of assets”. from one country to another in human history”.

“China’s extended arm is not some distant threat, it is already here,” Rubio said.

“China is stealing US technology and intellectual property worth between $300 million and $600 million annually. They have illegally infiltrated online networks and stolen those technologies and intellectual property,” Rubio said.

The Cuban-born senator also said that security threats emanating from China go beyond cyber and technology-based threats. He warns that China’s influence has impacted Hollywood, academic research, industrial policy and start-ups.

“They use venture capital funds to buy promising tech startups. But, they hide they are the owners. They collaborate with universities on research projects and then they steal the research, often funding these studies from American taxpayers. They force American companies doing business in China to transfer technology to them,” Rubio pointed out.

Mr. Rubio especially emphasized that the concerns raised by him and his colleagues were aimed solely at the CCP, not at the Chinese people or Chinese-Americans.

At the end of his speech, Mr. Rubio pointed out the fact that the CCP is manipulating many aspects of America, and called on Americans to wake up if they do not want future generations to be dominated by the CCP.

“Today, the CCP controls what Americans can say, what we can hear, what we can read, what we can watch, more than any other foreign government. have done that in our history.

“And they are weaponizing our openness, they are weaponizing our decency, and they are weaponizing America’s mercenary businesses against America.

“And if we don’t wake up, and we don’t deal with this now, the America that our children and grandchildren will inherit very soon may well be a place where the only thing that Americans will allowed to hear or speak about China are lofty lectures on communist totalitarianism.”

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