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Simple math “shows that Joe Biden has” enchanted “another 13 million votes?

According to Gateway Pundit, the 2020 election has become the most corrupt and corrupt in American history. It has been destroyed in many different ways.

Bill Binney, a well-known former employee of the National Security Agency (NSA), tweeted a remarkable message yesterday saying that more people voted than there were allowed to vote.

Mr Binney cited information from the Washington Post showing that by 2020, the United States has the highest turnout in more than a century at 66.2%.

Proportion of voters who voted in the 2020 election (WaPo screenshot)

Next, Mr. Binney included a link to the number of voters registered to vote in the United States in the 2020 general election.

Adding up the state numbers, the results showed that 213.8 million voters had registered to vote in the United States as of the morning of December 20.

Voters Registered to Vote 2020 in the States

So when you put the numbers together:

Total number of voters registered to vote: 213.8 million (Note: only registered voters are allowed to vote).
Real participation rate: 66.2%
Actual total number of voters cast: 141.5 million.

While President Trump won 74.2 million votes, Joe Biden only has 67.3 million votes left. Does this mean that approximately 13 million “ghost” votes were generated and counted for Joe Biden?

President Trump retweeted the Gateway Pundit blog.

Before that, he tweeted in all caps, “THE GREATEST INTERVIEW IN OUR COUNTRY HISTORY”.

Mr. Trump also said that “Biden’s victory” is a lie of the year. “

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