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“Sleeping beauty” sleeps for 9 days, doctors have no way to fix it

A 17-year-old girl in the capital Banjarmasin, South Kalimantan, Indonesia,have transparent sleep some days, even more than 10 days. She is known as the beauty sleeping in the forest in real life or the beauty sleeping in the forest of Banjarmasin. Doctors have proved very difficult to understand her symptoms, they also “give up” no action.

This girl named Echa became a character reported by the press in 2017. At that time, she slept for 13 days and could not wake up no matter how people called. She recently slept for 9 more days and didn’t wake up until April 10.

This time, Echa’s parents took her to the hospital in a deep sleep, but her test results were still normal. Although she finally woke up on the 9th, but the doctor said she was still very weak.

It is unclear why Ms. Echa fell into such a long sleep, but it is possible that she suffers from hypersomnia. This is a rare condition that causes people to feel sleepy all day and fall asleep continuously.

Narcolepsy (sleep disorder) comes in many forms and causes, from nerve damage, genetic mutations to physical or psychological trauma.

Her father Echa told local media that while Echa was sleeping, he tried to wake her up many times, but was unable to wake her up.

The strange thing is that while Echa is sleeping, if her parents give her something to eat, she will chew and swallow, if they take her to the toilet, she will also go to the toilet in the toilet.

Echa’s father added that when she was sleeping, if she wanted to go to the bathroom, she would be restless.

He also mentioned that although there is currently no cure for this “sleeping beauty” syndrome, he hopes that his daughter’s condition will improve and at least allow her to live a more normal life. .

However, compared to another “sleeping beauty” in Colombia, Ms. Echa’s situation is still better.

Previously, the media had reported that Sharik Tovar in Colombia had a rare illness that caused her to frequently go to sleep for a few days to weeks and even 2 months.

Because Sharik suffers from this strange disease, her mother quit her job to take care of her. Whenever Sharik slept, her mother would feed her liquid food every few hours and help her turn and move her limbs.

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