Sleeping with another wife’s wife was caught in the act, the third person had a comical escape action that made netizens laugh.

Obviously caught having sex with another man’s wife, the man still escaped slowly, not in a hurry.

An affair in the city center of São Paulo, Brazil since suddenly re-excavated on social networks, making viewers both funny and surprised by the actions of a third person.

Accordingly, a man sleeping with another man’s wife was caught in the match. Very quickly, he jumped out the window to escape.

The husband caught his wife having sex with another person, but the most remarkable thing was the action of the third person

According to the recorded video, at the 3rd floor balcony of this building, the wife appeared in a red nightgown, trying to explain to her husband, wearing a white shirt, tie that she was innocent.

And the husband was very angry, holding another shirt in his hand, he raised his voice and asked his wife: “Whose shirt is this?”. While the two were arguing, the wife took that shirt and threw it underneath.

On the other side of the window, the third guy is making his escape. He wore a short pair of white ship pants, perhaps because the other husband’s sudden return made “green tea” unable to get dressed properly. The third person was using a rope tied up from the shirts to jump down. This rope may have been prepared.

But the puzzling thing is, despite trying to escape, but he still linger a little to wait for the story of the other couple. He also did not show any fear, on the contrary, he was angry like someone ruined his fun.

Only when the husband found out that the stalker and his wife were in the other corner of the window did the man jump down. But he also dances calmly, more like performing than in a quick run to escape sin.

Below, the rescue police and passersby stood waiting for a lot of things. Many people even laughed, thinking that the husband was long-terminated. They think this is the funniest affair on social networks. Because no third person has such a challenging attitude when being caught.

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