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South Carolina Governor: ‘The Biden administration has to admit that Donald Trump is right ‘

South Carolina Governor Henry McMaster on Thursday (April 15, US time), in an interview on Fox News, stated that “the Biden administration must admit that Donald Trump is right”.

 Governor McMaster said on Fox News’ “Fox & Friends” on April 15: ”
They [migrants] were climbing over the fence and trying to run into [territory] El Paso, [Texas].

We have seen that. This is a big mistake. The Biden administration must admit that Donald Trump is right.

We have to build that wall. If we have that wall and strong border policies, we don’t have problems in [Texas] state.. Not to mention this added, there are enough problems in [Texas] state now ”.

“In the past few weeks or so, we have received many questions from the Biden administration asking how much free space we have in the orphanages, And of course, our orphanages have enough space.

We have about 4,000 kids there and there isn’t enough space for all of them.

There will be occasional vacancies. [But] we don’t have space for kids from another state

and even less room for kids from another country, especially when this influx of children and other [migrants] can be prevented simply by building a wall [border] and doing what the Trump administration is already doing on the Mexican border, ”Mr. McMaster continued.

The Governor of South Calirona added: “They [the Biden administration] may make an effort, but they will have to take responsibility themselves and I think they will be accountable to other governors across the country.
This is not the problem of the people of South Carolina. This is not our responsibility. This is due to errors, misjudges and a bad policy at the south border.

I was there last week. I’ve seen that Trump wall – it’s big and beautiful. Nobody can climb over it. the Biden government stopped building the wall

We’ve seen tractors, excavators, all kinds of new equipment, worth millions of dollars, laying mats there, concrete ready to be poured.
And as we sat there looking down the distance, we saw people climbing over a low fence at which the Trump wall would replace.

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