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Sri Lanka: Miss Lady was stripped of her crown right on the stage

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SCMP reported that Pushpika de Silva, was named Miss Lady Sri Lanka 2021 on Sunday (April 4). The crown holder of this contest last year, Caroline Jurie, was present at the contest to crown Ms. Silva. However, an incident occurred, Ms. Silva was stripped of the crown right on the stage.

Just minutes after the name of the winner was announced, a question emerged of the marital status of Mrs. Silva.

Miss Lady Jurie claimed that Ms. Silva was found to be divorced and thus violated the competition conditions, so she would be stripped of her crown.

According to the scene of this situation, Mrs. Silva was stripped of the crown right on the stage, and Mrs. Jurie gave the crown to the runner, and Mrs. Silva immediately turned on her heel and stepped into the wings.

Ms. Silva then went to the hospital, claiming she injured her head while being stripped of her crown by Mrs. Jurie. She complained to the police and Mrs. Jurie was summoned.

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