Standing on the phone, the man was chased by a bear on the street

 video The man ran away in panic when he was approached by brown bear from the zoo and chased on the road.

The incident happened in Nizhnevartovsk, Russia when the man standing on the road made a phone call while the brown bear suddenly approached him from behind.

Trying to remain calm, the man took a stance against his predator just a few feet away from him.

The man on the fire phone noticed the bear approaching him
According to The Sun, the bad brown bear on the street was due to flee from a private zoo at a local hotel in a complex of sauna and car wash services. Locals said the frightened and confused bear wandered around Siberia for an hour or possibly longer after escaping from a cramped cage at the zoo.

After discovering that the bear was approaching him, the man tried to stay calm, keeping his spirits up against the predator, just a few feet away.

But with the distance too close, the man decided to catch it, causing the animal to chase.

Bear chases man in the middle of the street in Russia
Frantically fleeing, he quickly crossed the street just as a bus was coming when the bear was chasing when he was hit by a bus.

After being slightly injured, the bear hid behind several heating pipes in an industrial park guarded by armed police.

Anvar Agayev, the owner of the hotel and zoo where the bear fled, told police he did not expect the bear to return. In addition, Agayev allowed the bear to be shot because the police would decide its fate.

Bear was hit by a bus when he was chasing the man
Authorities have decided to keep it and are currently looking for a new care facility for the bear.

However, local people expressed outrage at the people who locked the bear. Some asked to release it into the woods, while others called to take it into the zoo.

One account shared: Poor bear, it is clear that it is scared, disoriented. I hope it’s still alive. Don’t shoot at it. Don’t kill such an animal – help the bear get back into the forest.

Mayor Vasily Tikhonov said he has received many calls with content asking to save the animal.

The bear has now been injected with anesthetic to treat the injuries caused by the collision with the bus and will be examined by local veterinarians.

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