Photo: infonet

We are always amazed at the history of a close friendship between different species. Many animals and pets living together can form a close bond. The following photos will demonstrate friendship “without borders” in the animal kingdom.
Doggo and the nearby cheetah date from the first meeting (Photo: Infonet)
Giraffes Bea and ostrich Wilma become best friends at Busch Gardens in Florida, USA. (Photo: PA)
Best friends, cats and kittens (Photo: infonet)
Mother tiger takes care of her piglets at Sriracha Zoo in Thailand,
Friendship between lion Shere Khan, bear Baloo and tiger Leo (Image: infonet)
The dove and her best friend Lundy the poor dog can’t walk (Image: infonet)
Dog and golden fox (Photo: infonet)
Ernie and Marley fox are still together (Image: infonet)
We are best friends for fun (Image: infonet)
A 2.5-year-old Anjna chimpanzee plays with a 21-day-old white tiger at a rare wildlife preserve in South Carolina, United States. (Photo: BARCROFT MEDIA)
Suryian’s Orangutans and the Blue Tick dog make friends at a rare wildlife sanctuary in South Carolina, USA. (Photo: BARCROFT MEDIA).
Sorry I couldn’t get you inside to play with me (Image: infonet)

Animals also have feelings of love, of sympathy to share, and this is perhaps what makes the animal world more alive in this world.