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Super cute: the mother cat let her baby go to the hospital for help

Turkey The mother cat takes her sick young baby by mouth to the hospital emergency department in Istanbul, then stands still to watch as the doctor checks her.

The mother cat brings her young to the door of a Turkish hospital emergency department by mouth. Photo: Twitter.

On April 27, patient Merve Ozcan was waiting in the emergency and accident department of the hospital in Istanbul when she saw a mother cat, anxious to release her sick young baby, release it at the feet of the medical staff. in one of the treatment rooms.

Doctors quickly surround them to support the sick young cat. During this time, the mother cat stood still, watching intently. Witnessing everything, Ozcan used his phone to take pictures and then share it on social networks.

“Today, while we were in the emergency department, a mother cat took the kitten by mouth for help,” Ozcan wrote on Twitter.

The mother cat watched attentively when the nurses checked the kitten. Photo: Twitter.

The photos quickly went viral and attracted more than 80,000 favorites, many of whom praised the medical staff for taking care of both the mother and the kittens. Doctors also bring milk and food to the mother cat, making it more comfortable after giving birth near the hospital.

It is not clear what the problem kittens are, but the doctors assigned them to a local veterinarian. Turkish media later confirmed that the mother and the cat were healthy, with no problems to worry about.

“In Turkey, stray dogs and cats are everyone’s pets. You can see food and water for these friends in every corner. Cats are even greeted.” Welcome to sleep and live in temples. It is a beautiful place for stray animals, “commented one member.

“Cats are wise, they know where to go for help. It’s so touching,” said another.

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