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Survey: 43% American generation Millennium do not believe in God

Young Americans are reshaping this country with a philosophy that opposes faith in God and organized worship, and defines success and morality.based on personal happiness,economic social justice, according to a recent survey by the Catholic University of Arizona’s Center for Cultural Studies (CRC).

The American Worldview 2021 (AWVI 2021) – an annual survey conducted by the CRC that assesses the views of American adults 18 years of age and older – found that 57% of millennials millennials (born 1984 to 2002) consider themselves Catholics, while 43% of young people in this group “don’t know, don’t care or don’t believe that God exists”.

Meanwhile, 70% of Gen X (born 1965 to 1983), 79% of Baby Boomers (born 1946 to 1964) and 83% of Builder Generation (born 1927 to 1945) consider themselves Catholics. religion, and 31%, 28%, and 27% of Americans in these three age groups, respectively, said they “don’t know, don’t care, or don’t believe God exists”.

According to the survey, only 48% of millennials say a person should “treat others the way they would like others to treat themselves”. While, such views in Gen X, Boomer and Builder generation are 53%, 81% and 90% respectively.

Furthermore, 38% of Millennials agree with the statement “try to get revenge on those who have wronged you”, while 33% of Gen X, 12% of Boomers, and 10% of Generations Builder has the same opinion.

Sociologist George Barna, director of research at the CRC, says: “Gen Xs and millennials have been clinging to drastic changes in the faith and way of life that are central to [the US] country. . The result is a culture in which core institutions such as churches and basic lifestyles continue to be radically redefined.”

Mr. Barna says America’s transformation of the spiritual worldview began nearly 60 years ago with radical changes in the Boomer generation, but by the millennial generation, they have severed a strongly related to religious views and values.

According to the survey, more millennials than other generations will:

Definition of success in life is happiness, personal freedom or unfettered procreation
• Consider abortion for the purpose of reducing personal economic discomfort or reducing emotional discomfort as ethically acceptable
• Consider premarital sex with a prospective spouse morally acceptable
• Doubt reincarnation is a real possibility
• Be a liberal on financial and social policies
• Fight for liberalism
• Being ‘three no’ people – don’t know if God exists, don’t believe God exists and don’t care if God exists or not

Briefing on the worldview of millennials in his research presentation, Mr. Barna reported that this age group is more likely to see expanding government as promoting a better life. and they argue that public policies and programs should have flexible limits.

In addition, Mr. Barna noted that the CRC survey found that younger Americans are less and less pursuing “official marriage” and “not interested in raising children.”

“The family unit and traditional family practices are being reshaped with some basic, long-term family ideals and practices being outlawed,” said Mr. Barna. Government responsibilities have been significantly expanded and transformed. The influence of the Catholic churches has been dismissed, while the influence of the arts, entertainment, and news media has been explosive. As millions of parents have discovered during this pandemic, public schools have become more propaganda camps than places that teach basic life skills.

Mr. Barna has also observed frequent “contradictions” between millennials’ speech and behavior. “For example, millennials fight for the concept of tolerance of different points of view,” he said. But in this study, we found that their behavior – such as encouraging retaliation for the behavior of others, or censoring specific views and policies – contradicted their constant talk of tolerance and diversity. In fact, millennials are twice as likely as older people to think that the people they respect are people who share their religious and political views. Evidence of attitudes and behaviors related to diverse beliefs … shows that they [Millennials] are not the tolerant generation as they portray themselves and promote public opinion about them”.

Commenting on the CRC study, Catholic Federation President Bill Donohue said it was not surprising that researchers “have found that millennials are the age group where certain people define success.” is ‘happiness, personal freedom and unfettered procreation’.

“As such, they believe that abortion is perfectly fine if it is done ‘to reduce personal economic discomfort or to reduce emotional discomfort’. Surveys find that their political leanings are clearly liberal,” said Donohue.

Mr. Barna said the CRC survey results were a wake-up call to the significant challenge facing the future of the Catholic faith in America.

“If churches, pastors, seminaries and Catholics believe that the Catholic faith is important – not only for themselves but for our country and beyond – for the whole world – time is running out to act decisively and strategically on that belief before those who vehemently oppose [that belief] can succeed in destroying freedom and the chance to preserve human life. God’s way,” warned Mr. Barna.

Bill Donohue calls the worldview of many millennials clearly “extreme individualism”. He asked: “How can society be expected to take care of those in need? If we reject the Mother Teresa model – which is the work of each individual towards the poor – then only two options remain: do nothing or ask the state to provide for them.”

He continued: “For millennials the answer is in the latter part: to get the state to provide it. Surveys show that this age group is the most likely to want to fight for ‘financial and social policies’.

According to the CRC, the survey was conducted in February 2021 with 2,000 samples of American adults nationwide. The maximum error is +-2% and the confidence level is 95%.
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