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System “Iron Dome”How did Israel intercept Hamas rockets?

Israel’s Iron Dome defense system successfully intercepted nearly half of the rockets launched by Hamas into Israeli territory on May 11, according to Israeli officials.

“Up to this point, about 480 rockets have been fired from the Gaza Strip into Israeli territory, and about 150 rockets have targeted Israeli territory but have exploded in the Gaza Strip. The Iron Dome air defense system intercepted 200 rockets, ”the Israeli Air Force announced on Tuesday (May 11).

Of the nearly 500 rockets launched by Hamas, about 130 exploded outside the Gaza Strip but were not intercepted by the Iron Dome system. According to Reuters, as of May 12, at least five Israelis were killed by the Hamas shelling.

This Israeli-Hamas clash has challenged Israel’s defensive limits, which have long been celebrated since Hamas attempted to penetrate through the Iron Dome system by firing multiple rockets simultaneously.

Washington Examiner quoted an anonymous aide to a US Republican senator as saying: “There is a time when the coming of rockets [launched by Hamas from Gaza] outperforms the interceptors [of Israel]” .

Israel’s Iron Dome defense was effective, but was partially breached, causing the Jewish state to suffer human losses, and an oil pipeline was also hit.

The Iron Dome system is a network of radars and missile launchers used by Israel to identify incoming short-range rockets and intercept them if they are directed at a sensitive area or area. Civil. This defense system was developed by two Israeli companies with support from the US. Since its launch in 2011, the Iron Dome system operators have performed “more than 2,000 interruptions with a success rate of more than 90%,” according to Rafael Advanced Defense Systems, one of two system developers. This missile defense system.

The Jewish Virtual Library explained: “The $ 20,000 Iron Dome system interceptor missile was fired from the cannon, co-operated with radar-equipped early warning systems. firecrackers. Iron Dome relies on the EL / M-2084 high-resolution radar to detect and track oncoming flying objects. If a flying object [rocket] targets a densely populated area, it will be intercepted. Each Iron Dome cannon had an effective range of about 90 miles.

On May 11, the Israel Defense Forces released “original footage” of a series of spectacular explosions in the sky over Tel Aviv, followed by a large number of rockets targeted at multiple locations across central Israel from Gaza.

According to the Times of Israel, as of May 11, 24 Israelis were injured in southern Israel. Meanwhile, according to Reuters, as of May 12, in Israel, there were 5 people killed by rockets fired from Hamas.

With Israel’s Iron Dome system more or less breached by Hamas rockets, the anonymity aide to the US Republican Senator said he hopes the event will be a reminder of Israel to be cautious. than.

“Hopefully, this will be a warning that the Iron Dome [system] is just one of the precautions that need to be taken into account,” the assistant said.

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