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Taiwan claims to have deployed 292 rockets into the South Sea

Defenseworld screenshots taken from Taipei Times.

Taiwannews reported that Taiwan has deployed a total of 292 Kestrel anti-armored rockets to the islands of Dongsha, and Ba Ping in the South China Sea to counter China’s expansion ambitions and military operations in the region.

Liberty Times reported that since 2000, the Taiwan Coast Guard has been responsible for protecting the two islands mentioned above. Currently, more than 400 Coast Guard officers are stationed on one of the two islands.

However, as tensions in the South China Sea increased, Taiwan not only deployed its marines to Dongsha Island, but also sought to increase firepower there.

The Kestrel missile is a shoulder-mounted weapon (Taiwan News screenshot cited from Chung-Shan Research Institute).

According to a document issued by the Oceanic Affairs Council, the Taiwan Coast Guard deployed 168 and 124 Kestrel anti-armored missiles, respectively, to command facilities on the islands of Dongsha and Baping. The document says that anti-armored missiles deployed for defensive purposes can be used in anti-amphibious operations.

The Kestrel anti-armor device, developed by the Chung-Shan National Institute of Science and Technology (NCSIST), is a personal shoulder-mounted weapon that protects against armor and penetrates reinforced concrete.

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