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Taiwan Foreign Minister: Taiwan will fight to the end if attacked by the CCP

Mr. Ngo Chieu Tiep, Taiwan Foreign Minister (screenshot from Al Jazeera English).

According to Apollo, a high-ranking Taiwanese official made a statement that, if Taiwan is attacked by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), Taiwan will fight to the end. According to reported reports, one day ago, the CCP military announced that the CCP’s aircraft carrier formation would regularly have its military training activities in waters around Taiwan.

Taiwan’s Foreign Minister Ngo Chieu Tiep said during a meeting with foreign media at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday, April 7, 2002, “We have a will to defend ourselves and have no doubts. about that. If it is necessary to fight, we will fight to the end. If we need to defend ourselves, we will defend ourselves together until the last day ”.

Mr. Ngo Chieu Tiep also said that Taiwan will increase its military spending and is determined to increase its military capabilities. “We have a responsibility to defend Taiwan, we will do our best to improve our defenses,” he said.

Taiwan’s foreign minister also said that the US policymakers “knew clearly about the danger that the CCP could attack Taiwan at any time.”

The outgoing US Navy’s Indo-Pacific Command, General Davidson, told Congress in March this year that the CCP is likely to attack Taiwan in the next six years. Admiral John C. Aquilino, Commander of the Pacific Fleet, who was appointed to replace him, also said that the threat of the CCP’s armed invasion of Taiwan was enormous.

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